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Welcome to Moms With Dreams University™ (MWDU)!

We know you succeed when you have access to the right information and resourcesand we are delighted that you stopped by to check us out.

MWDU is the Go-To Source for passionate and ambitious moms who want more. Superior education is the foundation at MWDU. Our non-traditional learning community empowers students with the information and resources they need to grow personally and professionally.

Our live 9-week courses are taught by expert Instructors. We are dedicated to providing the most effective, up-to-date information to keep our students informed and prepared for success.

Support is a major component at Moms With Dreams University™. Students join a community that fully supports their success from the moment they enroll in their first class. Students are assigned a Success Sister™ for accountability and have access to a private forum for each of their courses.

We look forward to walking side-by-side with you in your journey to your dreams.

 If you’re thinking about taking a course and you’re not sure which one is best for you, contact us for a FREE 15-minute discovery session. Email us at for more details. 

Moms With Dreams University™ (MWDU) is the Go-To Source for Passionate and Ambitious Moms.

Our holistic approach to education addresses the complete woman in a fun, interactive, online learning community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable and convenient education, training and access to valuable resources that build confidence and enhance skills to help moms live an abundant, fulfilled life.

Moms With Dreams University™ is built on the philosophy that any woman can create the life she wants with access to the right information and support. We support moms who want more. Wanting more doesn’t make you ungrateful or selfish; it means that you desire more out of life and are willing to work to achieve it.

Moms With Dreams University™ Core Values

  • Determination
  • Resilience
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration

The Incubator


The Incubator is the School of Feminine Empowerment & Personal Development.Courses teach students how to feel great and increase their confidence. They gain new skills to enhance their personal lives.

Courses offered in The Incubator teach women how to:

  • Connect passion, purpose and vision to live their best life
  • Improve nutrition, health and fitness
  • Go back to school and achieve their educational goals
  • Create a personal roadmap to their financial dreams
  • Overcome fears & obstacles and get into action mode
  • Remove limiting beliefs and behavior
  • Become the highest expression of themselves
  • Strengthen & enhance relationships with effective communication
  • Prioritize and create systems to streamline their lives
  • Increase work-life balance

Feminine Empowerment Feminine Empowerment Feminine Empowerment Feminine Empowerment

Mompreneur Clinic

The Mompreneur Clinic is the School of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Students gain skills that take them from wherever they are to confidently running a thriving business.

Courses offered in The Mompreneur Clinic teach students:

  • How to use Social Media to increase visibility and attract clients
  • How to sell effectively in a way that feels good to you & your clients
  • How to convert business connections into cash
  • The foundation for building a Rock Star business
  • Your personal style, confidence & business success
  • How to publish your first book
  • Financial basics for every small business owner

Prosfessional Development Prosfessional Development Prosfessional Development Prosfessional Development