3 Cool Career Ideas If You’re Looking for Something New

3 Cool Career Ideas If You’re Looking for Something New

If you’re feeling stagnant at your job and want to find something new, then why not give something else a try? Around 70% of Americans are not engaged, or simply hate their jobs. There are plenty of career paths out there for you to choose from, although we totally understand the issues that you may face. The competition is fierce, the qualifications are sometimes difficult to attain, and it’s a time-consuming task looking for work. However, why not give it a try? We’ve come up with some career ideas for those who are looking for a change.




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Aviation dispatcher

This is definitely a cool career, and anybody you tell about this is going to be super jealous. If you love planes and the idea of flying, but don’t quite have it in you to become a pilot, then there are other aviation roles that are just as important. After doing your aviation dispatch training, you’ll be planning flight paths, checking that the wind (and potential thunderstorms) will not disrupt the flight and advising pilots on any changes in conditions. If aviation dispatchers didn’t exist, planes would be flying all over the place. It’s a unique (and highly important) career choice.


Ever wonder how somebody managed to make that vanilla cupcake taste so good? Well, if you want to make the best tasting natural (and artificial) flavors for the food that we all eat, then being a flavorist could be your future. You’ll need qualifications in chemistry or another related field, and then you get to go to a ‘flavor house’ for your training. We don’t know much about these elusive flavor houses, but we’re willing to get a PhD in biochemistry just to go to one. If anyone takes this up, give us the low-down…

Ethical hackers

This one is super interesting. If you know all there is to know about computers, the internet  and hacking into somebody’s data, then this is definitely for you. This sounds like you get paid to do something illegal (and pretty immoral), but that isn’t the deal if you’re an ethical hacker. What you essentially do is try and hack into a company’s data, to see whether other (and more morally corrupt) hackers could do it for more sinister purposes. It’s basically all about getting to the data party before they do, you know? And, you get a cool internet name: ‘white hat’. Nice.

If you don’t enjoy your current job and you want to secure a career that is more interesting (and probably higher paid), then have a look into the opportunities above, and research into what you could do with your skill sets. Don’t worry if you don’t have the qualifications, as there are plenty of places out there where you can get them, no matter how old you are or your academic background. Good luck with finding the job of your dreams.

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