3 Cool Hobbies to Share with Your Kids

3 Cool Hobbies to Share with Your Kids

Have you been searching for a hobby you can enjoy and share with your children? Here are three ideas you might want to try… 

#1 – Gardening 


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Gardening has a reputation of being one of the most relaxing hobbies, and for good reason. There is something inherently enjoyable about tending to plants, flowers, and trees; watching things grow and nurturing them to be as strong and as healthy as they can be. What’s more, you’ll also be able to enjoy a fantastic, perfectly-maintained outdoor space – a definite win/win situation. 

How to get started 

You’ll likely already have much of what you need in your garden already, though smaller hand tools designed for children’s use can be a very worthwhile investment. You can then encourage your children to get involved in growing plants from scratch, as this really helps to encourage their interest; there’s a great guide from DenGarden that you may find useful if you want to give this a try. You can also start to encourage your children to help with tending to plants by focusing on your existing garden; show them how to pull weeds by the root, and – if old enough – inspect plants for illness or disease.

#2 – Scrapbooking 

The benefits of scrapbooking are multiple; the activity itself helps to foster your children’s imagination and creativity, while the end result – a completed scrapbook – is a great way to store memories and keepsakes for posterity. 

How to get started 

First you’ll need to invest in basic supplies such as paper, tape and scissors, and then think about materials such as ribbons and vinyls that add an extra layer of decoration to your project. It’s also worth thinking about tools that might be of use; if you’ve opted to try vinyls, then read through VinylCuttingMachineGuide’s best vinyl cutting machine guide to find the right machine for you to use to cut these materials to shapes and patterns effectively. With everything in place, encourage your kids to choose a theme for their scrapbooks and then sit back and enjoy the creative process. 

#3 – Astronomy 



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Studying the night sky is an incredibly enriching – not to mention educational – hobby to share with your children. Astronomy helps to instill a sense of wonder that cannot be found elsewhere, and can help to foster a lifelong love of science. 

How to get started 

You can start teaching your children astronomy with relative ease if you just want to test the waters and see if it captures their imagination. So-called “naked eye” astronomy helps to learn more about the constellations; Odyssey’s guide to naked eye constellations is a good reference point for this purpose. If your children are enthusiastic, then you can consider looking for binoculars to help study the moon and stars in more detail and, in time, a child-friendly telescope can provide an even greater view of the cosmos. 

In conclusion

The ideas above are all fantastic hobbies in their own right, but can be made all the more delightful by sharing them with your children, too.

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