3 Interesting Industries You Might Consider as Career Choices

3 Interesting Industries You Might Consider as Career Choices

I know, looking for work and picking a career can be very difficult. If you’re struggling, then I find it helps to look at the different industries out there and the potential opportunities they present – both currently and in the future. In a perfect world, you’ll find a job in an industry that’s thriving, and will continue to do so, offering you plenty of chances to climb the career ladder.

So, what industries are worth looking at? Well, here are a few very interesting ones that may catch your eye:



Creative Industry

I think this is an industry that will interest a lot of you! The creative sector covers a range of things, from art to music to drama and fashion; it’s got it all. As you do your research, you will find no shortage of jobs here. Not only that, but this industry is so vital to modern life. Take a look at any business on the planet, and you’ll see they depend on people from the creative industry. It’s a sector that’s grown substantially over the last decade and will continue to grow.

I love this as a career path because it’s an industry that rewards individual talents. If you have a passion for fashion or an eye for design, then there are jobs that you’ll thrive in here. Plus, there are so many creative degrees you can study, which set you up for some amazing roles in the future. As if that wasn’t enough, I find this sector is perfect for young women looking to take life by the horns and start a business or operate a freelance career. This is ideal for mothers who can’t commit to a strict 9-5 working pattern.




Aviation Industry

When you read this, your mind instantly drifts off to the thought of being a pilot. There aren’t a lot of female pilots, and the representation of women in this industry is pretty poor. So, what better reason to try and get involved? Of course, becoming a pilot isn’t the only option here, and it’s probably not one most of you will consider – particularly if you have kids. But, it may surprise you to see how many aviation courses there are in universities and colleges up and down the country. The sheer number of roles in this industry is quite staggering, and it’s a sector that will always boom and continue to grow. Until we develop teleportation, the aviation industry will be where people turn for convenient transportation across the world. The great thing is, there are loads of management jobs, office jobs, and even legal jobs in this industry. If you already have qualifications for roles like these, you can benefit by picking a sector that presents excellent opportunities.



Education Industry

This is arguably one of the most significant, and potentially one of the most overlooked. Without the education sector, we’d be a complete mess of a society. It’s where everyone learns basic life skills and develops into adults that know how to do important things. In fact, all the other careers mentioned in this blog wouldn’t exist without the education industry. This sector will always be a vital part of life, and it will continue to offer great opportunities in the future.

There’s almost a global shortage of teachers these days, which means schools are always looking to hire new people – particularly in primary schools. The nature of the school system means there’s room to grow your career as you advance. Start off as a standard teacher, then you may become head of a year, then a senior member of staff, then a deputy head teacher, then the head teacher, and then you may even be part of the school board. Or, go down a different route and start tutoring kids from home. This is an excellent idea if you have family commitments and want more freedom in the way you work. Either way, there are so many opportunities, and teachers are usually compensated with fantastic holiday allowances and a brilliant pension plan.

My overall advice for anyone looking to start their career is to think about different industries. There are plenty of jobs out there. The key to career success is ensuring you pick the right sector to go into, which will be fulfilling and offer you present and future benefits. The three industries I covered are all booming and continue to get bigger and more significant each year. Think about them if you’re looking to find a long-term career.


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