3 Things Millennials Are Getting Right

3 Things Millennials Are Getting Right












Ah, ‘millennials.’ It has become the buzzword descriptor of those born from around the early 90’s to enjoy an adolescence in the 21st century. This term is often used to disparage people from that time. You might hear ‘those millennials!’ or ‘what are those millennials up to?’ amongst some of the more cartoonish elder folk in your life. It’s true though, pesky kids will always be looked down upon as inexperienced and untrained. That’s fine though, because soon millennials will be the ones complaining. The circle of life continues. However, it is important to know that no matter what age you are, you can be a good or less-than-stellar person irrespective of that.

This article hopes to celebrate millennials – by explaining three things they are certainly doing right. This should hopefully encourage them to continue doing those things, and to lessen the judgement of their superiors just a little, at least from a societal viewpoint. As Mom’s with dreams, raising the next generation correctly is just as important as pursuing our own interests. So let’s think about that:

Millennials Are Politically Conscious

One amazing thing we are seeing, even in the chaotic cultural climate, is the willingness for young folk to engage in political processes. No matter the viewpoint – left, centrist or right, the important thing is that more people than ever are having discussions. Some are toxic, some are balanced and fair, but the important thing is that these ideas are being discussed. This helps good ideas rise to the top so long as they aren’t being silenced. Thanks to the prevalence of online information and social media, ideas war all day long, and as a result perceptions and viewpoints are challenged night and day. We haven’t seen such political alertness in the younger folk since the sixties. Politics is cool again, and that can only be a good thing (we hope!)

Millenials Are Technologically Conscious

Of course, not every millennial has a grip on the intricacies of how certain devices work, but they are often adept at using them. Programming languages are now being taught in schools and colleges as a must, and the connectivity of our world is becoming more and more a feature of our daily life. This has many applications, from young folk being able to learn and become adept creatively purely through online tools and information, to learning more about topics and cultures they might previously have been sheltered from. Even economics play into this too, as millennials are investing in Bitcoin with a fair amount of solid research and understanding. This lead in the emergence of cryptocurrencies is nothing but wise as our development as an online society proceeds and grows fractally.

Millenials Are Environmentally Conscious

Like never before, children care about our planet. This is due to our understanding of the nature of greenhouse gases, unsustainable fossil fuels and harmful, corrosive disasters ruining the environment. Why is this? Well, a large motivator is the fact that these young folk will need to live on our planet for longer than any of the older generation will. The access to online information also helps with this tremendously. It’s not uncommon for millennials to be interesting in protesting the painful factory meat farming industry, espouse veganism or a ketogenic lifestyle, and look to spend in more sustainable, organic and ethical ways. Even hunting societies for ethically farmed, grass fed foods are now cropping up.


With all of this in mind, it can be hard to lose faith in the new generation. They are smarter than they are often given credit for.


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