3 Time Management Tips for the Study-at-Home Mom

3 Time Management Tips for the Study-at-Home Mom

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The life of a study at home mom can be hectic if the time isn’t taken to look after the limited resources you have. With so many advantages of studying in the comfort of your own home, such as the flexibility, saving money on travel and the ability to take care of your children around your schedule, studying from home is an excellent option for the career driven mom.

However, to make the most of your studies and prevent becoming overwhelmed by the tasks in your home/study life, the below tips provide you guidance on how to prepare and keep your home life in order. This will allow you the necessary time to study without feeling as if you’re drowning under a barrage of tasks.

Focus On One Task

If you’re feeling frustrated about not being able to multitask, you are not the only one. The reason being is because successful multitasking is a myth. Which means when you’re working through your to-do lists of studying for your MBA from Aston University, cooking dinner, cleaning the bathrooms and running errands it’s best to focus on one task at a time.

This also means trimming back the distractions too. For instance, attempting to study at an optimal level cannot be attained if your children are running wild around you screaming and competing for your attention. Equally other digital distractions such as TV and mobile phones will only drain your energy away from the tasks you need to complete. Choosing to focus on one job at a time, allows you to dedicate your energy solely to one thing and will help you achieve them quickly and to a much higher standard than attempting to do multiple things at once. Thus you will prevent losing time, as you will no longer have to re-do the tasks you tried to do while multitasking in the first place.

Meal Plan

One of the best tips for helping to get your home life in order, and to manage your time more effectively is to meal plan for the week ahead. Solely spending a bit of a time one day a week to rummage through the cupboards to find out what you have, and what you need to make some yummy meals for the week, saves being caught off guard around 5 pm every night wondering what you’re going to make for dinner.

Planning ahead means you could order a food shop online, which will save you time journeying to the supermarket. A meal plan will also prevent you having to travel to the store multiple times a week to get those eggs you need to make that omelet.

If you’re feeling super organized, you could go one step further than meal planning and dedicate time cooking meals in advance for the week ahead, freezing those which you have planned to eat later on in the week.

Family Schedule

A schedule displayed for all to see can help you, your partner and your children to see whos doing what, when and why.

Initially, it’s best to write down all of the tasks which need to be done each week for the house to function correctly, to make sure you allow adequate study time, family time, time to run errands and so forth. Once you’ve written a list of what needs doing each week, work this into your schedule, and delegate tasks for other family members to do. For example, you may schedule for your partner to take the trash out on a weekly basis, your teenage son could load the dishwasher each night after dinner, while you prepare the meals for 6 pm when everyone should be home and ready to eat.

The benefit of a pre-planned schedule is the agreement between you and our family of committing to tasks to help run the house smoothly. Opposed to burdening yourself with the majority of the housework, you will need support to enable you time to study and have time left over for some self-care. Click here for more tips for less stress as a working/studying mom.


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