3 Ways To Enhance Your Freelance Career

3 Ways To Enhance Your Freelance Career

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Freelance careers are perfect for loads of people, particularly moms who are thinking about going back to work. The beauty of freelancing is that you can offer your services to other people without needing to leave the house. So, you can sit and work at your home computer while keeping an eye on your little one at the same time! 

The main struggle of being a freelancer is managing your career and ensure that you keep moving in the right direction. That is why I’ve got a few tips that’ll help you enhance your career and move to the next level. 

Use An App To Bill Clients

A common error in the freelance industry is being too relaxed about billing your clients. It’s very easy to forget about invoices and end up doing work for free because you failed to send someone an invoice. But, with a time tracking and billing app, you can keep tabs on all the work you do. It lets you manage your invoices and send them out as soon as your work has been completed. You can also keep a more accurate track of the time spent working, which allows you to send more accurate bills to your clients, meaning you aren’t missing out on any money. Now, there’s no risk of a client getting away with not paying for your service because you forgot to bill them. Plus, it makes you look more professional as you can use these apps to create better invoices as well.

Ask For Down Payments

Perhaps the most significant issue with being a freelancer is that you have to wait to get paid. You spend weeks doing a job, and then have to wait weeks before you get paid. But, if you start asking for down payments, then you can cope with this a lot better. A down payment is basically part of your overall fee paid in advance. Not only does this ensure that you get some money before your task is completed, but it also ties the client into the job with you. They won’t have a change of heart halfway through the job as they’ve already paid for part of it. If they do, then it’s not as much of a loss as you received some money in advance.

Aim For The Top Of The Search Rankings

Every freelancer needs to create a website where they can advertise their services and show off previous projects. This is the easiest way to draw in clients, and a big way to enhance your career is by working on your website SEO. Aim to rank near the top of the search results for all of your main keywords. As an example, if you’re a freelance content writer, then your site needs to be near the top of the results when people are searching for ‘freelance content writers.’ This means you’re seen by more people, meaning more jobs are thrown on the table for you.

With these three ideas, you will drastically enhance your freelance career. You’ll get paid on time, receive more money, and bring in more clients!

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