4 Clever Ways To Spy On Your Competitors

4 Clever Ways To Spy On Your Competitors


Believe it or not, the competition has a big part to play in your success. For one thing, they tend to force entrepreneurs into being better at their job. If your rivals own a large chunk of the market share, then you have to work twice as hard to fight back.

One thing people hate to admit is that they are also an excellent source of inspiration. Ego kicks in here because no one wants to say they took an idea from a competitor. It’s as if it diminishes your value while simultaneously increasing theirs.

The reality is the competition is your muse, and below are the ways to draw motivation without crossing the plagiarism line.

Use Free Tools

Competitive analysis is a massive industry, so there are lots of hacks at your disposal. The easiest and cheapest is a free tool, such as Phlanx or Sprout Social. The way it works is simple: head to the site and give them access to your social media accounts. The good people at Sprout Social then collect data from rival platforms and present the info in an easy-to-read page. The data isn’t groundbreaking, but it will give you a rank in comparison to the industry which should act as a kick up the backside. Plus, it stops you Facebook stalking them all day long.

Hire An IT Agency

Now, let’s start by saying that hacking is illegal and it shouldn’t be condoned. However, you’re not looking for a partner to leaf through their servers. What you want in an IT consulting company are their expertise and know-how. After all, businesses open up their info to anybody who is willing to learn what it means. For instance, the website will contain stuff such as keywords and phrases and how they use it on their platform. A technician can spot the patterns and store the data.

Search Google

While we’re on the subject of SEO, let’s not forget about Google. Search engine optimization is one of the great levelers of the 21st century, yet novices have no idea how to make it work. Using the king of search engines is a basic hack because it will show you everything from their terms to their links and online marketing. In short, Google holds the keys to a business’ online presence. As well as a search, don’t forget to use analytic software to see which terms cause people to bounce and which encourage them to stay.

Be Open

This isn’t an Ian Fleming novel, so there is no reason to be covert. The truth is that peers will divulge certain information if they are asked outright. In their eyes, it’s a simple trick anyway so the cat will get out of the bag at some point. Plus, it prevents people from looking deeper into the company and finding out the secrets they want to hide. Therefore, picking up the phone or going for a drink with a rival can work wonders for your Intel.

Are you ready for your mission, Dr Watson?

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