4 Ways to Get More Done As A Small Business Founder

4 Ways to Get More Done As A Small Business Founder

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Being the founder of a small business often leaves you wearing many hats. Until you hire your first employees you may find yourself needing to enact the roles of not only a founder but also a CEO, head of sales, marketing officer and finance executive, as well as undertaking all of the other everyday tasks that keep your business ticking over. With only so many hours in a day and your businesses growth directly linked to your limitations, so what can you be doing to in order to get more done? 

  1. Build a clever website
    Your website has the potential to be a very valuable tool and is often the first place that prospective customers will go to learn more about you as a company and what it is you do. A clever website is one which answers all of a prospective customers questions, making your job in sales far easier and stopping unnecessary back and forth emails asking ‘do you do this?’ ‘can you do that?’. To build a clever website you want to pay attention to 5 key things, the who, what, why, where and how of your business. 

    1. Who you are
    2. What you offer
    3. Why it adds value to your customer
    4. Where you are based
    5. How they can get in touch
  1. Automate your sales sequence
    In the early days of your business, a big part of your sales strategy may be sending cold sales emails. To save yourself the lengthy process of sending one to each prospect get clever and use an automated sales sequence. Automated sales sequences needn’t be impersonal but can save you a tremendous amount of time weeding out potentially interested parties and chasing leads. When the person replies they are simply removed from the sequence and you can continue on the conversation in person. An automated sequence can also be great for sending out the first reply to people reach out through your website contact form.

  2. Use telephone answering services
    As soon as your business goes live you become a target for hundreds of unsolicited sales calls selling you everything from office space and utility bills to recruitment services and insurance. You can’t afford to let every phone call go to answerphone in case that one you miss is your golden prospective customer, so let services like Ivy answer for you. Services like Ivy act as virtual receptionists, screening calls and treating your customers the way you’d treat them yourselves, ensuring that only the people you really want to talk to get through.

  3. Outsource where you can 

As a new business founder, it can be tempting to try and do everything yourself but there are certain areas of your business that can be easily outsourced. The key to successful outsourcing is prioritization, so prioritize those tasks that take the most time such as monitoring social media channels and writing social media posts, or writing posts for your blog. These tasks are ones that are relatively easy for an outsourcer to create for you but will free up a lot of your time, which makes them very cost-effective.

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