5 Career Options for Problem Solvers

5 Career Options for Problem Solvers

Everyone has different skills. Some people are good at working as part of teams, other people are excellent at delivering customer service. And some people are just natural problem solvers. They can see a problem and instead of becoming daunted by what they see, they get to work. They have the patience required to work through problem after problem, to try things and then go again when it doesn’t work. If you think you have a naturally analytical mind and get work through problems, then consider one of the careers that we’ve outlined below.



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Scientific Careers

People seem to think that science is the act of stumbling upon a genius breakthrough, or that it’s only reserved for those “genius minds.” In fact, this is not the case. Speak to any scientists, and they’ll tell you the same thing: most of their job just involves doing the same task over and over again, just slightly different each time. Over time, they may come to a conclusion or an answer will present itself. But most of it is just leg work, though the scientist must have the type of mind that can recognize the result when it reveals itself.

Handling Networks

We don’t often stop to think about all the complex systems that exist around us at any given moment. We can take them for granted. Even things like traffic lights, which everyone gets annoyed with, is a complex system. And then there are the ones that are more complex than others, such as IT networks. If you have a big picture mind and can see how things connect, as well as know how to resolve problems, then you could become a network administrator. They’re increasingly in demand, and you can earn a good salary, too.

Bringing Products to Life

Just as with the networks around us, we rarely think about all the work that goes into the products that we buy. The function might be straightforward, but how did they manage to pick it into that particular packaging? That will have been a challenge. If you’re a problem solver and also interested in design, then take a look at studying with MIT IDM, integrated design and management. You’ll learn all that you need to know to help companies bring their products to life.

Global Logistics

The world is becoming increasingly smaller, but it’s still pretty darn big. While it has never been easier to do business in other countries, that is only possible because of the hard work of the problem solvers that are involved in global logistics. As part of your job, you’ll figure out how to best transport goods and personnel from one region to another.

Planning for the Future 

Finally, perhaps the most important problem solving jobs relate to the issues of the future. The world is going to need people to deal with the direct impact of climate change, as well as the fallout. Urban planning and agricultural engineering will be two of the most important areas. 

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