5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Study Music at Some Point in Life

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Study Music at Some Point in Life

Musicians are often made to feel that their talents won’t pay the bills, and that they should have a backup plan. It can be tempting to keep music as a hobby and choose a traditional, career-focused course to study. In reality, a music degree can help you not only make it music, but will give you skills you can transfer to the rest of your life.


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Finding the right music school is important. Find out who has the best music school blog and do some research to find the best school for you. Here’s why you should consider music school.


  1. Studying music means you’ll be spending most of your time immersed in your music. This immersion gives you a deeper understanding of different parts of music, expanding your talents. Improve your technique with music theory. Get a better understanding of instruments, voices and composition and how they work together, which will make you a better musician, composer or song-writer. 
  2. If you do choose to pursue a career in music, professional qualifications will give your a better chance of getting employed and earning more. If you’re interested in teaching music or becoming a soundtrack composer or session musician, some proper credentials will make you a far more attractive employee. You’ll boost your earning capabilities and open more doors for your future career. 
  3. Even if it doesn’t become your career, you can enhance your enjoyment of music by using music school as a place to meet other musicians. Anybody who chooses to study music is obviously passionate about it, so you can be sure you’ll meet lots of like-minded people. This can mean you make lots of new musical friends, and maybe find new people to collaborate with. Being around talent is inspiring, and you might find that the company alone changes the way you think about your music. 
  4. Music schools can offer opportunities to travel. Many music courses offer exchange programs to their students. An exchange gives you the opportunity to travel to other countries to learn about and experience musical traditions and instruments from other cultures. Learning about other musical cultures will greatly expand your music knowledge, and you might learn about a music style or an instrument that can be part of your own music when you get home. 
  5. Studies in music can give you a lot of skills that you can easily transfer into other areas of your life. Whatever career you’re planning, you can take the things that music teaches you and fit them into career options outside of music. All that time spent honing your craft and practicing teaches you impeccable focus and determination, which will help you in anything you decide to focus on later. If you’ve competed in music competitions, winning and losing both build character and make you a stronger person who can handle rejection. This sense of self will take you far, in any walk of life. Performing music also encourages you to be confident. Confidence will help you whether you’re dating, in a job interview or leading a meeting at work.


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