5 Tough Jobs That Women Dominate

5 Tough Jobs That Women Dominate

Jessica Radanavong

For one reason or another, everyone feels that their job is difficult.  There are even the sexist jobs that exist in which people think only men can do the job.  That, of course, just isn’t true.

Some of the most difficult jobs are being completed by women.  And, not only are they completing them, they are dominating the work.  Proving that no matter what the job is, any gender can get it done.

Here are some of those jobs that women are getting down and dirty to get completed on a daily basis.

Military Service

The thought of having women serve in the military seemed a nearly impossible task years ago, but they are now serving and protecting our country every day.  In 2013, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed an order that finally allowed women to serve on the ground.

Women who have always wanted to serve were now given the opportunity to serve in one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in the world.  From combat positions that include the infantry all the way to the armed forces, women can compete and work with their male counterparts.

With the dangers that exist in our world today, there can never be enough said to express the gratitude we have for people who give their life to serve their country.  The constant threat of war and the death totals that pile up when war happens is inexcusable.

Looking back at World War 2, how many WW2 Veterans are still alive today? In a war that 16 million American fights in, less than 500,000 remain alive today.  It is expected that within five years, there will be no one who fought in that war alive anymore.  Whether it be men or women, serving in the military is the most dangerous job any human being can hold.

Oil Driller

In a job that requires shifts of 12 or more hours in a day, oil drilling leads to the dangers of the unknown.  When combustible products are involved, dangerous risks are always lurking right around the corner. And, the scariest part of all is that most of the drilling that takes place is far away from civilization, which means the reaction time of first responders will be very slow.  Depending on what has occurred, it could be hard to survive the wait time. With the dangers of such a job comes a nice pay day, which is why many men and women would risk their lives for such a dangerous profession.

Working the Law

In addition to our military, we should all be so thankful for our law enforcement.  This is another profession that people risk their lives daily to keep us safe. This has also been one of the more difficult jobs for women to earn their credibility.  Because of the physical force that can be expected with the job, there has been fear that women would struggle in that department. But, that doesn’t stop women from not only serving, but keeping up with the men in maintaining our safety.  

There is so much credit that should be owed to women who fight to protect us in a field where they have been so challenged and ridiculed.  They suit up every day and are ready to fight in any dangerous situation that presents itself.

Social Worker

This type of job may not have raised a red flag in the danger category, but this is a very dangerous profession.  In this type of job, you never know what kind of situation you could be walking into. Imagine being sent into a home where you are tasked with having to take a child away from their parents without the parents having any idea of what is happening.  This could lead to aggressive and violent situations depending on the stability of the parents.

This is also a dangerous job in terms of one’s mental health.  One can only imagine what different housing situations look like and the devastation they may see on both the child and parents faces.  It must be heartbreaking to witness the difficult living environments some children have to live in.


We may get frustrated when traffic is slowed down because of construction, but while we are waiting, people are putting their lives on the line.  With the amount of physically demanding work that comes with being a construction worker, so does handling some of the huge pieces of equipment needed to dig and move structures.  Sometimes when you dig into a structure, you never know what you may find. Dangerous holes, large beams flying around, and structures crumbling to the ground can all go differently as planned.  


This is another one of those jobs that you can’t really visualize the dangers that could come along with it.  Think about working in a hotel and the types of diseases you could contract from cleaning out their room. When cleaning a room, workers may have to move mattresses, bureaus, TVs, couches, and chairs.  When doing so, substantial injuries could follow.

Many housekeepers have to visit their doctors frequently for medication for the pain to get through the day.  And, housekeepers tend to work very long hours and more than five times a week with very little pay. It is a difficult and dangerous job that its importance is often overlooked.  Just think about how clean your hotel room is the next time you book a stay and be appreciative of the work that went into it.

And So Many More…

The list of dangerous and dirty jobs could go on and on.  But, women are just as willing to get as down and dirty as the men are to get the job done.  No job is ever too large, and women should never underestimate their power and capabilities.


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