A.I.M for Growth by Aundrea T. Harris, MA, CLC, CPC

A.I.M for Growth by Aundrea T. Harris, MA, CLC, CPC

What is Growth?

Growth is development. It is a process of increasing over a period of time. In many

instances, growth is a sense of maturity; evidence of responsible thoughts, actions, and

words. Growth can also show itself in taking the adverse situations of life and making

them work in favorable ways. Growth is a vital part of our existence. In scripture, it is

brought to our attention in Acts 17:28, that in God we live, MOVE, and have our being.

There is progression to something better. Growth is a journey to a better us.

How do we A.I.M. for Growth?


who we are. Who we are now, is not who we will always be. We are on a

journey to be who God created and purposed us to be. Although who we are now, may

not look like who we were created to be, we must first accept the person we see now.

Accepting who we are now does not erase who we were created to be. It allows for

assessment of what it will take to become the created us.

After accepting who we are and taking notes of the change needed, we must…


our quality of life. Building and making things better helps us move toward maturity.

Every area of our life should be improved: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional,

relational, and financial.

The next step is to…


our capabilities. Whatever we are capable of doing (our special area of expertise), we must manage properly. We should be wise in the use and watch over them carefully.

Why should we A.I.M. for Growth?

We should A.I.M. for growth because stagnation leads to death. When there is no

growth, there is no consistent flow of life. Life is about changing (evolving) to become

who we were created to be. When we A.I.M. for something, there is a goal to be

reached. No matter the goal, we should make every effort to reach it. Making the choice

to A.I.M. for growth keeps us on the path to obtaining our goals. Let’s start this new

season by committing ourselves to A.I.M. for growth in all things!

Remember to always A.I.M. for Growth!

A – Accept who you are

I – Improve quality of life

M – Manage capabilities

Aundrea T. Harris is a positive change agent as an author, coach, mentor, counselor, philanthropist and entrepreneur. She is currently working on a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with Leadership Development & Coaching as her specialization. Her overall mantra is to help others embrace seasons of life, extract growth and evolve through life. She encourages individuals to seek growth opportunities in every situation. You can learn more about Aundrea at http://AundreaTHarris.com. 



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  • Very nicely articulated.

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