Common Obstacles that New Business Coaches Face

Common Obstacles that New Business Coaches Face

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Setting up any kind of business has its own pitfalls – even in the coaching industry. Sure, business coaches are currently in big demand right now, but that doesn’t mean that your new professional endeavor is going to be plain-sailing right from the beginning. Just like any other new company, those first twelve months are going to be the hardest. Once you are past your company’s first birthday, there will still be some hurdles to jump over to keep your business growing. Here are a few of those hurdles and how you can deal with them.

Startup Funding

The majority of new businesses have a difficult time getting enough funds in the first year. Before setting up a company, the entrepreneur will often have a large sum of savings to put towards it or have some financing in place. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough savings – there are a few places you can turn to for funds. You could go to your bank for a business loan, though there are a few government organizations that now offer funding to new business owners. It’s worth applying as you won’t be expected to repay the finance in full.

Tech Issues

Your business will need to embrace all of the latest tech. Not only will this make your work a lot easier, but it will also appeal to new clients. That’s because there are heaps of new technologies that make the storage of digital documents and data a lot more secure – and this is something that clients now want to see. Worried that you aren’t tech savvy enough? There are firms such as ClearFuze Networks, who you can reach out to if you ever run into any issues. They will also be able to help you get your computer network up and running.

Competing Focuses

When you set up a new company, you will have to have your fingers in many pies, so to speak. It’s important that you understand there will be many different things for you to focus on, and it’s not acceptable for one to become your main point of focus. Otherwise, you will end up losing sight of some other areas of your business, and they might start to suffer as a result.

Making Clients Make Time

Once you start working with your new clients, you will have to understand that they are busy. They are trying to run their own businesses, just like you and it can be difficult to find the time in their busy schedule to dedicate to your coaching sessions. You might want to be flexible with your meeting times to make it easier for clients. 


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