4 Things You Should Consider Before Rebranding Your Biz

4 Things You Should Consider Before Rebranding Your Biz

Rebranding can be a heart-stopping process. However, if you run an online business , you may at some point be charged with this task. You may find another site out there with a very similar name or design to your blog and decided to rebrand in an attempt at standing out. Your e-commerce store might not be pulling in the sales that you’d hoped. Or, it might just be time for a fresh start. Sometimes you just have to take things in a different direction for the good of your business and rebranding can be a big part of that.

It’s important to remember that rebranding, even if it includes changing your name and the domain name, isn’t the same as starting from scratch. Wherever you are regarding business growth, there’s no reason that rebranding should mean you lose viewers or customers. It can be a positive step if you do it right. Here is what you need to think about.





Why are you rebranding? It’s important to understand this before you start. If sales are slow, changing the company name or logo won’t suddenly fix everything. There’s a lot more to it than that. You also need to sit down and make a business plan, assessing any problems and coming up with plans to fix them. Rebranding gives you an excellent chance to start fresh and make some big changes to your systems.

If you are rebranding simply because you are unhappy with your name or how your website looks, it’s still important to understand why. What is it that you don’t like? Take your time, do your research and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. If you need help SmashBrand package design agency could be an excellent option.

Don’t Get Too Many Opinions

Choosing a company name is probably harder than naming your children and can be even more difficult the second time around. It can be tempting to ask everyone on your team, or people you know, for their ideas. This can just make the process more confusing. They’ll all suggest something totally different, none of which may mean anything to you. Instead, sit down and write a list of ideas. Take your time with this. Then ask for advice when you’ve got your own shortlist.

Just Do It

One problem many small businesses have when it comes to rebranding is knowing it’s needed and putting it off. They delay starting because of the pressures that come with it. They choose a name, but then hold off on changing their domain or social media handles, thinking they should tell everyone first, find the right redirects, or just do more to prepare. The truth of it is that it’s a huge step that you will never feel entirely ready to take. Just do it. Get on with it and get it over with as soon as you can.

Keep Designs Simple




Your logo and website design can be what get you noticed and remembered just as much as your brand name. When you are rebranding, it’s more important than ever to keep things simple and easily recognizable. Less is more. Don’t get carried away.

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