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Convert Business Connections into Cash

Sarah Aderson

Leg-a-SHE Strategist and Founder of Expand Your Heart


Tuesday, 8-9 pm EST


Mompreneur Clinic

About Sarah

Sarah Aderson, also known as the Leg-a-SHE Strategist, is an international speaker, co-author of the international best selling book Motherhood Dreams & Success:  You Can Have It All! and  author of the forthcoming book The Single Mompreneur Bliss Blueprint:  7 Steps to Activate Spiritual, Emotional, and Financial Wealth.  She empowers women entrepreneurs (& some amazing men) to charge what they’re worth, so they can leave a legacy for their family and the world.  Sarah helps you build an empire, not just business.  She accelerates business development by turning your services into products.  Sarah’s also the host and founder of the Mom-In-Chief Lounge…a Free weekly empowerment session for busy single moms.

Course Description:

Are you a “solo-preneur” who is 100% ready to be a “So Loved-preneur” Do you want to learn how to build quality relationships that strengthen your business, increase your confidence and ultimately your profits? Then Convert Business Connections into Cash is what you need. In this course you will learn proven techniques that work for introverts and extroverts alike.

Special Bonus:

Students will receive a complimentary Heartwork™ e-course created by Sarah Aderson. In this comprehensive 8-week e-course you will learn the SECRETS to Transform Your Inner Worth Into Tangible Wealth! Fulfilling your purpose is about heart work, not hard work.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

• Build a powerful network of like-minded entrepreneurs

• Grow your business 3x faster with quality business relationships

• Attract your ideal clients

• Use easy-to-implement follow-up strategies

• Leverage your business relationships to grow your list and gain exposure


September 28, 2015


6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course different from other networking courses?

The Convert Business Connections into Cash course focuses on teaching you how to naturally and easily build quality business relationships. Networking shouldn’t feel awkward or be time-consuming. The emphasis is on connections that will help you gain exposure and generate profits. We’ll also discuss the importance of mindset and the energy you project when networking. This course focuses on quality, not quantity.

I haven’t started my business yet. Will your strategies work for me?

Absolutely! You’re going to learn proven strategies that I’ve used personally to grow my business and taught my clients. These techniques work whether you’re a start-up or have an established business. This course is for you have zero clients or hundreds of clients.

Is it true that networking is the fastest way to grow my business?

Yes, it’s true. Who you know matters. Having quality business relationships can open doors that would normally be closed. A powerful network can shorten your learning curve, give your business more exposure, and increase your bottom-line.

Is this course effective for introverts?

Definitely! This course has been designed to meet the needs of introverts and extroverts alike. Large crowds can be quite intimidating. I understand; that’s why you’ll learn approaches that are natural and comfortable for you. Each class is taught live, so you can bring up any personal concerns and they’ll be addressed in real-time.

How have you been able to convert business connections into cash?

I’ve built my business on quality relationships. My business connections have turned into profitable collaborations, mentors, and clients to name a few. At one networking event I met my first corporate client. That contract allowed me to travel internationally with all expenses paid. I met the Founder of MomsWithDreams University, Erica Gordon, through a mutual connection that I’d met online.

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