How to Maximize 24 Hours and Get More Done Effortlessly

By the end of this course you will:

• Increase efficiency and productivity in your daily lives

• Identify and avoid time wasters(i.e. social media sites, distractions, lack of planning, socializing)

• Get more of your daily activities accomplished in less time

• Establish priorities and set boundaries

• Create a roadmap for a successful life

June 24, 2015
4 Weeks


Paris Love
Productivity Consultant & Business Coach


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The Incubator

Course Description

Summer class meets online every Wednesday 7-8 pm EST

How many times have you attempted to do something and at the last minute you put it off? Our lives are busier than ever. With so much to do on a daily basis, having effective time management skills is critical. Moms are great at multi-tasking, but studies have proven that multi-tasking isn’t as effective as it may seem. During our time together we will cover the following topics:

  • Managing your time wisely
  • Creating and building a schedule
  • Procrastination – what is it and how to avoid it
  • Goal setting techniques
  • Planning for success

This course teaches students how to better manage their time so they can avoid overwhelm and get more done effortlessly.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  My schedule is already very full, how much time would I need to devote to this course?

A: I can completely understand your concern. We have a lot on our plates. Juggling work, family and school per se, can be challenging. I encourage you to review how you spend your time and commit to devoting 1-2 hours to your personal development each week. You will be surprised at how much impact 1-2 hours each week can impact your life when you get focused and committed to your success.

Q: I really need help getting started with managing my time better. Where should I begin? 

A:That’s a great question and a very common one. During the course, we will create a doable schedule that works for you and your particular lifestyle. I will also work with you individually to help you reduce stress and overwhelm by looking at your current schedule and helping you make any necessary changes.

Q: I feel like I’m being pulled in all directions. Will this course help me prioritize my tasks so I don’t feel like I am pulling my hair out?

A: Absolutely. Once we establish your schedule, we will review your tasks and prioritize them according to their importance so you’re more efficient.

Q: Can I really have a work/life balance?

A: Certainly, I understand there are more shining objects that capture our attention. During the course, we will discuss how to get laser focused so the shining coin in the road is no longer a distraction.

Q: I’ve never been able to successfully manage my time. How is this course different?

A: This course is based on a proven system that will ensure your success. This is not a cookie-cutter course – one size does not fit all. During this course you will create a customized plan – that is best for YOU – so failure is not an option.

Disclaimer: students have to do the work in order to be successful. Information without implementation is useless.

Special Bonus: 30-minute Skype session to help you declutter your space to be more productive

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