How To Understand Your Customers As An Online Business

How To Understand Your Customers As An Online Business

It’s not always the most personal job in the world, running an online business. Sometimes it feels like all you see is lines of text on the screen, a name, email, address, and order, and that’s it. There’s not much connection made, and really, your customers and online visitors are something of a mystery. So how do you break down some of the barriers, and get to know the people interested in your brand better, even just a little? There are multiple ways, as we’ll see below. With just a few changes to your business, you can make your customers less a line of code, more a real person.

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Make Yourself Available

If you’re going to be online during the day anyway, why not install a live chat service on your website, and give your website visitors an opportunity to speak with you as they’re engaging with your site? The benefits of this work both ways. You’ll have an opportunity to make a connection with someone interested in your company, and they’ll be able to see that yours is a site to be trusted. Mystery works both ways, you know: you might want to know more about your customers, but they have as much a desire to know more about you, too.

Social Media

If you’re using your social media channels only to promote your products and services, then you’re not using it correctly. Things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t just platforms for you to showcase how great you are: they’re to connect people. If you’re encouraging interaction between your company and your followers, you’ll be able to find a lot of information. There’ll be profile pictures, location, and other interests that you can see on their page. This might not directly help you market your products better, but it’s pretty cool to see the people who are supporting your business, and how far your net is cast.

Who’s Visiting?

Alas, the bulk of your customers won’t chat with you on your website, and won’t only not talk to you on social media, they won’t even follow you. Only a small minority will do that. So what about all the people who visit your site, are clearly interested in your company, but for whom you have no details? There is an option. By using an anonymous visitor identification service, you’ll be able to see who has your visited your site, how many times, and what they’re looking for. A great way to get a sales lead when you have no other information.

After Sales Care

If you think your job is done the moment you’ve delivered your product or service, then you’re wrong: it’s not. This is the time when you get to make a connection with your customer, get feedback, and improve your company. It all begins with a simple email asking them to rate and review their experience with your company. If they reply, your customers won’t just be an order – they’ll be valued members of your community with an opinion


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