Do You Ever Think About Staff Facilities?

Do You Ever Think About Staff Facilities?


Much has been written about your office design, staff motivation and caring for your premises. This is all good and mostly worth paying attention to. However, do you ever think about staff facilities past the need to keep them clean and accessible? Might it be investing here can help staff motivation, and generally make your offices seem more comfortable and satisfying to occupy?

But how might you do this? Consider the following:

Smoking Areas

It might be that despite discouraging your staff to smoke, they still do. This is their absolute right, and it’s not your place to tell them what to do in this instance. It is only your job to allow them to have the legal amount of required smoking breaks in your country, and maybe even provide them a place to do so. Of course, once they have left your premises you cannot dictate where they go to smoke, even if on company time.

However, you can encourage them to find a nicer place to do so, one that they are inclined to follow. For example, allowing a separate smoking zone for out of your building, perhaps around a corner or away from the entrance, can prevent smokers from making the entrance to your business a relatively oppressive place to walk through for non-smokers. With this small effort, you can also show your staff you care about them. For example, you might also allow for many outdoor ashtrays or bins so workers aren’t left with an awkward difficulty in where to flick their stubs, and this can keep the place hygienic for longer.

Outdoor Meeting Zone & Bicycle Racks

Even if your staff do not smoke, it can be helpful to provide them with an outdoor meeting zone that they can enjoy and blow off a little steam before coming into work. This might be installing a small area with a long aluminum canopy to shield from the rain when waiting for a taxi, or providing shade in the blistering sun. Not only does this help your business look good and well designed, but it can function for other purposes, such as installing bicycle racks to encourage less driving to work, opening up more car spaces for your clients. There are always hidden benefits to helping staff with their facilities, so consider how this might be appropriate and never be afraid to install them.

Staff Rooms & Kitchen

Of course, staff aren’t only outdoor creatures. They will all quite often appreciate a sizeable staff room, maybe a place for secure storage of goods to prevent theft, as well as a place to hang their coats or bags. One thing that almost all office facilities up and down the country are crying out for is good kitchen facilities.

It might be you’re in a rented office and do not manage this, but if you do then you should invest heavily in a beautiful space that can occupy everyone, and has enough storage, enough of a well run cleaning rota, humble lunch preparation appliances, and coffee making machines to satisfy everyone. It’s almost impossible to overstate the benefit of making lunchtime a pleasurable experience for all staff. They are likely to return to work energized and satisfied if you do.

With these tips, your staff facilities are sure to shine.

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