Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Millionaire?

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Millionaire?



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Many people dream about becoming a millionaire, or at least launching a business that allows them to have financial freedom – but few make their dream a reality.  The reason for this if often not due to a lack of skill, knowledge or hard work; it’s down to a limited mindset and mental blocks that hold people back from fulfilling their true potential.

See, a lot of people consider millionaires to be lucky, gifted, or in some way more special they are yet there’s a simple formula for becoming extremely wealthy just like there’s a simple formula for being broke.

There’s a common misconception when it comes to creating great wealth, however, which is that it’s less about money, resources and intelligence – as it’s more about attitude, self-belief and ambition.  Indeed, attitude is everything as this popular book tells us.  Whether you are wanting to learn about digital marketing or find out more information about the crane industry, the true determinant of your wealth boils down to your mindset and mental attitude.

In particular, there’s a huge difference between how the wealthy think about their time.  In summary, they tend to build assets that generate passive income in perpetuity rather than trade time for money as so many people walking the financial treadmill known as the rat race do.

Here are X principles to bear in mind if you are interested in adopting the millionaire mindset for yourself.


You want to dream big.  Those with the millionaire mindset understand the importance of having big dreams… as this creates a compelling future that puts a fire under us to do what is necessary to achieve our goals.


Many highly successful people talk about the importance of having a vision board, where you connect with your hearts desires and spend time visualizing a future life that fulfills you – just like how athletes use positive visualization techniques to picture themselves winning the race, you want to set yourself up for success, you want to expect success and lean into the experiences you want.


Today, you can easily start a business for under $500 and with a desire to develop yourself in order to succeed, anyone can make it big in business today.  Yes, there’s a learning curve and an element of risk involved with starting your own business but it’s extremely difficult to become wealthy through the route of employment as people are swapping their time for money, which has inherent limits.


Investing is the main difference between those with an employee mindset versus a millionaire mindset, as the wealthy focus on building assets that generate passive income akin to planting a fruit tree that bears fruit time and time again.  

In contrast, most people spend money in order to derive pleasure or gain comfort in the immediate term (e.g. a fancy car) whereas the wealthy invest their money in order to derive long-term financial stability by building assets that appreciate over time.


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