Does Your Brand Feel Official?

Does Your Brand Feel Official?

Branding can be challenging. When it comes to advertising a product or a service, or even just the blog you like writing in your spare time that doesn’t bring any money to your door, it’s easy to make mistakes. As a small business, you definitely want to avoid as many potentially harmful mistakes as possible.

However, did you spend enough time on your brand before you launched? Are you feeling the mistakes of a rush into establishing a company? Whether that’s because of the wrong color used in the logo, or you didn’t’ have enough contacts, something may feel and look wrong. Stop yourself in your tracks before you to get to this stage as you don’t want to tank yourself before you’ve even started!

Now’s the time to check in and to make sure that your brand has the appear and feel that you want. You don’t even need to rebrand here; simply gather some tips and tricks to make your brand pay off in its startup phase. Here are a few tips for your consideration:



Have a Slogan

While it might sound a little cheesy to say, if you have a slogan, you’ve got a catchphrase or a jingle for someone to take notice of and remember. Being memorable in a potential customer’s mind is the best thing you have at your disposal while your business is growing. 

Your slogan needs to be created with a variety of conditions in mind. Not following these conditions rarely works out in your favor. Unless you’re a big company with a long reputation behind you, it’s the best idea to stick to these tips like glue:

  • Stay short and sweet. Fewer words make it easy for customers to remember 
  • Use your slogan in every campaign you have as being sporadic with your icon won’t stick in people’s minds
  • Show off your benefits in these words. People want to know what’s unique and fun about you. 
  • Be informative as potential customers needs to  know if they’re your market 

Don’t worry. While these rules may feel a restrictive now, there’s a lot of creative freedom contained within them. These ideas are based on the most famous slogans out there; if they’ve worked timelessly before, they’re going to work for you, too.

Be Personal with Online Content

When you’re online, you’re going to have a whole different sect of people to advertise to, and it’s these kind of people that are going to be the hardest to impress. That’s where your personalization comes in. If your written words doesn’t have a personal style and tone, you’ll have a hard time attracting your target market. Everyone likes it when someone is friendly, especially when they’re trying to complete a transaction. Keep this in mind when you’re writing product descriptors or designing the ‘About Us’ tab of your homepage.

Keep your site updated as an outdated site may seem shady. You want people to trust you. Combining an updated interface, regularly published content, and a friendly tone is the best way to earn this trust.

Your content needs to be relevant as well. If you have a blog portion to your retail site (and you should, if you want the engagement from a customer base), you can relate a topic back to you and your product. For example, if you’re selling makeup, note on the latest trends and styles, and how someone can integrate something you sell into these ideas. Don’t go too far off with your content as you don’t want to waste energy on topics that won’t take you anywhere.

Don’t Forget the Look of Your Employees

Your employees are big branding sign in your business, and you should never forget to integrate them into the official feeling of your product and services. They’re walking and talking icons of your company, and they matter a lot. 

Uniforms matter, too as they create an official look and often better than a black shirt and jeans can. Do you want name tags or logo patches to go with your uniforms? If so, you can click for more ideas, and  complete the design of your shop front. Customers will see your workers more than they’re likely to see you, considering all the admin you’re handling, and your brand should speak for you through them.

Once again, this is an area where you should be personal, and advise anyone on your payroll to relate stories about how the products have helped in their lives. Advise them to compliment customers as it’s always nice for a brand to feel like a friend rather than just a store they can use.

Is Your Brand Official Yet?

If you’ve managed to get past the initial stages of ideas and design, there’s a strong chance the answer is yes! Keep going as there will be many things that you can take into account to make your brand even better.


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