Does Your Personality Match Your Field of Work?

Does Your Personality Match Your Field of Work?

When it comes to knowing your strengths, the first thing you need to work out is how well your personality and your temperament rubs with the job you’ve got to do. And that means you’ve got a bit of introspection to cross off your list – there’s a lot of jobs out there that are suited to wildly different people, and you might be due a change because of it! So here’s some things to keep in mind about the kind of person you are at work.



Are you a leader? Do you connect well? Do you feel for others? (Unsplash)

If You’re Someone Who Likes to Impress

Maybe you like to take on customer challenges and make sure the person in question leaves with at least a satisfied grunt after the ordeal? Maybe you like to come up with innovative solutions whenever your boss presents a problem to you, and you like the recognition afterwards? Maybe you like to tell your friends and family about the good work you did that day, and when they’re interested in what you have to say, you’re left with a very satisfied feeling?

Being able to impress whilst at work is a skill many people don’t possess, but if you’re someone who can swoop in and turn the tide of a situation that’s out of control, then there’s a good chance you’re a serial charmer. These people are great to have on side when in the workplace, as you’re reliable and confident, and that’s a very positive force to be around.

Are You Empathetic and Compassionate?

Being able to show empathy and compassion to anyone who crosses your path is something fewer and fewer people seem to be able to do. Of course, in a world where bad news travels fast, and we can read all about tragedies and accidents moments after they happen on the other side of the world, it’s hard to stay empathetic without becoming exhausted. And that makes a skill like yours very sought after in the workplace.

And if you’re a compassionate person who loves to help, something like an office job where you’re always speaking through a screen might not be the best option for you. You need to be in the centre of action, to make sure you’re reaping all the rewards of an open personality like yours. Maybe you could look into refining your counselling skills, as the mental health field is always on the up and coming?

Do You Like Being Creative and Spontaneous?

Because if you do, then it’s time to turn your talents to the designer world, and how you could fit into it. Interior design, graphic design, marketing design… there’s so many opportunities out there for someone like you! If you can draw, you’re in with a chance of being selected for any job that requires ‘artistic talent’, and these jobs are ones you can easily grow and learn within.

The field you work in will always need to work with your personality.

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