How Apprenticeships Help Women Break into Non-traditional Industries

How Apprenticeships Help Women Break into Non-traditional Industries

Plumbing, engineering, carpentry, welding, motorcycle maintenance, aviation ground staff… What do all of these jobs have in common? Yes, that’s right; they are all typically done by men. However, this is a trend which is starting to change. While women may make up the minority figures in these industries, unconventional trade jobs and alike are undoubtedly becoming more appealing to the female population.

The increasing participation of women in non-traditional trade is something that is only set to grow and one of the reasons why this is the case is because apprenticeships for girls present them with a monumental opportunity to springboard right into a career people may not expect.

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Get experience on the job

One of the main benefits of going down this route is the fact that you will get actual experience because you will literally be working. If you were to go to university or on some other type of course you would merely learn the theory. They can, of course, be practical aspects entailed but nothing comes close to the actual experience of doing an engineering job or carrying out a service on a motorcycle. This will make you feel a lot more confident when you get your first proper job contract. This is especially beneficial for women. After all, if can be rather intimidating to go for a job interview in a trade that is usually dominated by men, especially if you have no actual working experience. However, if you know you can do the job because you have done it several times before it makes a massive difference. In fact, sometimes you will find that the place you have done your apprenticeship at offers to give you a full time position.

Earn while you learn

In addition to this, another great advantage associated with choosing an apprenticeship is the fact that you will earn while you learn. This is particularly important in the modern day when rising student fees and the high costs of living have been widely documented. Such expenses are putting individuals off going down this route. However, with an apprenticeship not only do you avoid all of the tuition fees and loans, but you also make a bit of money as well. There is nothing more frightening than leaving school and staring thousands and thousands of pounds of debt in the eye is there? And research is showing that all of this money spent on university degrees isn’t exactly paying off. There are plenty of graduates without jobs and the massive advantage degrees once gave people over those with apprenticeships has diminished monumentally.

Boost your CV

You may get offered a job at the end of your apprenticeship, you may not. Either way, you will enhance your resume dramatically in the process. Make the most of Hloom’s free resume templates to ensure your CV looks professional, and then dazzle people with the real-life experience you have gotten from your apprenticeship.

When you take all of this into account it is not difficult to see how apprenticeships for girls present such a massive opportunity. It gives girls the chance to break down barriers and go for unconventional jobs. It is an easier and more effective way of getting your foot on the career ladder in these industries and thus is definitely something you should look into.


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