How Green Is Your Business?

How Green Is Your Business?

These days, being environmentally aware in business is no longer just a nice idea – it’s a necessity. This is due to the increasing importance of such measures, of course, but it’s also that no business can easily be respected by the general public if it does not act in an environmentally responsible manner. Investors are less likely to stick with the venture in question, shareholders will be frustrated, and – in short – nobody wins. If you are just setting up your new business, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the whole prospect of how to do this – or you might have been running your business for years, and you’re starting to realize that you could probably be a little greener. In any case, here are some of the best things you can do to make sure that your business is as environmentally responsible as possible.



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Be Competitive

Much of what drives capitalism is competition, and this is something that savvy entrepreneurs know all too well. When it comes to being environmentally friendly, this area too is something you can improve upon by trying to be as competitive with your fellow businesses as possible. Make a game of it, and see which business in your industry or in your local area can be the greenest business out there. Doing this will not just improve your own environmental credentials, it will encourage other businesses to do the same. This is clearly valuable, for the more businesses that do so, the better off the world is in general. So make a big point of how green you are, talk about it loud and clear to the outside world and encourage other businesses to do the same. This will absolutely make a huge difference in both the short and the long term.

Champion Green Business

Something that is likely to make a particularly profound difference to how green your business is is to actively champion it in some way. You can do this fairly easily by making sure that someone in your team is given the role of looking after the green initiatives. This doesn’t even have to be a paid role, and you will probably find that there is someone who is happy to do it for your business. By getting someone to champion it in this way, you make it a real part of the infrastructure of your company, and that will mean that you are that much more likely to actually make the kinds of changes you need to make in the long run. It is important to make it a part of how you do things, and not just the occasional tactic that your business engages in from time to time. As long as you do it that way, you will find it makes an enormous difference to how you approach the whole matter.

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Reduce Energy Consumption

Arguably the number one environmental concern in any business is the amount of energy being used. It is likely that your business uses quite a lot, especially if it is a large operation, and you might want to think about what you can do to get it down again. As long as you make some conscious changes in this regard, you should actually find that it is pretty easy to make that happen. The truth is that there are a number of easy steps to take to ensure that you reduce your energy consumption, and as long as you do so you will be leading a much greener business on the whole. Let’s take a look at some of the essential methods to tackle energy over-consumption.

First of all, make it clear to everyone in the business that you are trying to reduce energy usage. If you really want to do so, you need to have your employees on board, and that means communicating with them clearly about how and why and what. You might find that a training session is in order in order to make it clear and really drive it home. Once you have made it official that that is what you are doing, you will find that there are already changes happening at every level in the business.


Then you need to look at the real practical ways to reduce your energy consumption as a company. For instance, you might have discovered that people tend to leave their computers switched on overnight. All it takes is a simple memo explaining that this is not acceptable, and that all computers should be switched off at night. This alone will reduce your energy consumption massively, but there is much more of the same kind that you can think about doing. For instance, you might want to think about installing lights which work on a timer and a sensor, so that they turn off if nobody is in the office for a certain period of time. Such changes seem small, but actually make a huge difference. The beauty of these, too, is that they also save the business a huge amount of money – something which every entrepreneur is happy to say about their own company.

Energy consumption is one of the most important concerns you need to focus on, and as long as you do so you will be improving the environmental credentials of your business massively. What’s more, they are all time- and money-saving tactics which ensure that your business is going to be run much more smoothly as well. It’s worth looking into as many methods as you can for how to reduce energy consumption all the time.


People often forget about water, but it is another important aspect of ensuring that you are being green. If you want your business to be environmentally friendly, it will be absolutely essential to take a look at how much water you are using and how you might be able to reduce it if that seems like something you should be doing. Water, despite what people seem to think, is not an endless resource, and the more you can save, the better off your business, the environment, and your pockets will be. Fortunately, there are a number of active steps you can easily take to reduce your business’ water usage in no time at all – and these are often the kinds of methods that really stick, too.



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First of all, the simple act of communication is again going to make a huge difference. Having signs up at sinks and water coolers talking about water usage can really help in a small but effective way, as can sending out memos to the same effect. Be sure to do this, as it is the small things that add up to make a huge difference. Beyond that, however, there are still many other things you can do to make sure that you are using less and less water over time.

For instance, you might want to think about installing water butts or poly tanks into your premises somewhere. These can capture and save rainwater, which you can then filter and use rather than the normal tap water. If you do it well enough, and it rains enough in your area, this can be enough to completely recycle your water usage. However, it is dependent on the weather, and you should have it mostly as a back-up option and not your main way of getting water. As long as you do that, however, it should make a huge difference.


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You can also save water by ensuring that you use it consciously yourself. The more you do this, and encourage it in others, the more of a difference it will make, so it is definitely something to think about if you are keen to keep your water usage as low as possible. You might be surprised at how easily and quickly you can make a profound difference here, so it is definitely worth thinking about as soon as possible.

Insulate The Building

You will also need to think about the building itself, and make sure that you are doing whatever you can to insulate it properly, as otherwise you might find that it is losing its stored heat and energy far too quickly. That means you then need to use more heating and so on, which is a large part of your energy usage. Make sure your insulation is checked manually every few years, and replaced whenever it needs to be replaced. If you do that, you will be making a huge difference to the world, and probably in a way where you wouldn’t even be aware of just how much of a difference you are making.

If you work with the above options, your business will be much more environmentally friendly in no time at all – so it is definitely a good idea to make sure you are considering these things above all. As long as you do, your business and the planet will be much better off as a result.


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