How to Attract More People to Your Website

How to Attract More People to Your Website

Most of the time, we associate traffic problems with too many people, but in business, the opposite is true. If you’re not getting enough traffic to your website, you could be missing out on sales and losing ground to competitors. If you’re eager to attract more people to your website, here are some surefire strategies to boost traffic today. 


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Search engine optimization is a proven technique for driving traffic to websites and making specific pages and pieces of content more visible. This modern marketing method capitalizes on the growth in popularity of search engines, directing customers to different sites following an Internet search. As a business owner, you want to ensure that the content you produce is accessible, and investing in SEO is an effective way to do this. More than 75% of people won’t move past page 1 of the search results, so it’s vital to climb as high as possible. If you’re not a marketing expert, and you don’t have an in-house digital marketing team, this is an area that you should consider outsourcing. Look for agencies that have expertise in your industry, browse portfolios, and look at results. SEO can help you generate high-quality leads and reach out to a much wider audience. 

Web design

More and more people are accessing content and visiting websites on mobile devices. If your site is dated, and you’re not yet catering for mobile customers, you may find that SEO is more challenging, and that people are turning off once they get to a page that won’t load properly. Update your website to ensure that it’s mobile friendly and suitable for users on the go. It’s also crucial to monitor the performance of your site. If you’re managing to generate leads, but your conversion rate is low, this could be due to poor aesthetics, a lack of attention to user experience, complex, time-consuming processes, old content or broken links. If you haven’t updated your site in a long time, it’s worth working with a web design company to freshen up the look of the site, ensure that your pages cater for the target market and increase lead conversion. There’s no point in boosting traffic and getting people to visit your site if you can’t complete the journey and achieve your objectives. 

Email and social media marketing

Most people have round-the-clock access to emails, and sending out links to your site through updates, newsletters and promotional mail is a great way to increase traffic. Personalize your emails, make sure the subject is eye-catching, and time your emails to appeal to your ideal customer. If you run a bar, for example, and you’ve got a deal on cocktails, it’s a brilliant idea to send out emails on a Friday or Saturday afternoon. You can also take advantage of the popularity of social media to promote your website, share links, and encourage people to learn more about your business. Share posts online, upload images and video clips, and make sure every post links to your site. Keep in touch with followers, respond to comments and questions, and choose platforms that are used frequently by your target clients. 

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Are you struggling to attract attention online? If you’re on a mission to increase traffic, now is the time to refresh your SEO strategy, make sure your website looks great and caters for mobile customers and employ methods like email and social media marketing to drive users to your site. 

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