How To Balance Family and Your Home Business

How To Balance Family and Your Home Business

The great thing about a home business is that your home life and work life can blend into one. You can get up early in the morning to help dress the children for school and while they’re eating cereal or in the shower, you can check your work emails. You don’t have to get dressed yourself, so you have much more time on your hands. When you come home from dropping the kids off, you go straight to your study and start working. Unfortunately, just like a job at place of work, things can run over the usual times and then you’re either late to pick up the kids, and make dinner or you’re simply not going to be able to meet deadline. It can hurt your family life at home to have a home business but at the same time, if you want to devote the same amount of time to your family, your business could end up suffering. So how do you balance them out, so neither one is in jeopardy?


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Have a set time

For menial tasks you need to give yourself a set time. For example, if you are going to update any kind of software that you use, do so at an assigned time slot. While you’re dropping off the kids to school, set a queue of updates to happen to all your software. If you are creating a video for your marketing campaign, compress, render or upload it during time when you’re away doing something else such as dropping the kids off at school.

Another way to save time is by giving your email reading a time slot. Of course you’ll have your email account page open throughout the day, but there will be a time when you’ll need to catch up. A business continually gets messages from customers, clients, companies and media. You can wake up with an inbox full of unread emails or you can make one last check before bedtime and only then you realize you have many new messages. Saving time may involve upgrading your internet so you’re not always on the router the family is using. A company like Optimum has super-fast WiFi for the entire home, but it’s more geared toward a business also. The small tasks should take small amounts of time, and having quick internet that allows you to multitask will save you time.

Not so serious time

Never ever replace quality time with your partner and children. If your kids need help with their homework you should offer to help them. If you are able to, take your laptop or tablet to the dining table and do a little light work here. They can do their homework sat next to you, and any kind of non-serious task you have such as proofreading your draft marketing campaign, checking over some drawing of logos, inspecting graphics or things like this.

If you’re having a video call with a client or partner, they know that you have children or run a home business so allowing kids to do homework or draw next to you is fine. Most of the time, business leaders get quite friendly with their clients and realize that sometimes personal life cannot be halted. But this doesn’t mean business has to stop, you just carry on and humor each other to get past the noise the kids are making.

Know when to shut off

Many people can’t wait for the weekend, and some don’t want the weekend to even arrive. You will find out that many people who work from home and run their own business become workaholics. It’s a bit of tragic irony in a way because individuals can think that just because they’re working from home it will be a leisurely life. Because you know you are on your own, and your success hinges on yourself, it can be quite anxious to run a business from home. You may feel as if you’re never doing enough but you must not obsess over things.

Know when you just switch off from your professional life and go back to treating your home as a home. Do all the things you would normally do such as going places with the family, taking walks or just lounging in the garden reading a book.

Just because your office is only meters away at any given moment in your home, doesn’t mean you should not take some time for yourself. Don’t become a workaholic while your family just want to relax and be with you at home. Set time slots for when you’ll complete the small tasks and stick to it so the rest of your day can be more productive.


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