How To Balance Work, School, and Family with Ease

How To Balance Work, School, and Family with Ease


Choosing to go back to school is never an easy decision, but this is especially true when you’re a working mom with children, a partner, and a home to take care of. Furthering your education allows you to keep your skills current, improve your job prospects, gain qualifications, connect with more people, and live out your professional and personal goals. Unfortunately, with all of these benefits come the challenges, like the extra work, the lack of free time, and the exhaustion that these bring. If you’re a working parent considering returning to study, here are nine things you should do to make the process easier and achieve the perfect balance.

Always Have A Plan

To achieve anything in life, you need to have some sort of plan. For this reason, you should sit down and take a look at every aspect of your life, including your roles as a mother, a student, and an employee or business owner. Ensure you make a note of any important dates, assignments, or appointments for each of these of these roles and create a family calendar to write them down on. This way, each of your other family members can do the same, and you all know where you should be and when. Creating a work and study timetable can also help to keep you on track.

Consider Working From Home

When you have so much to do in your life, flexibility is always ideal. With that in mind, you should consider distance education and working from home. This way, you’ll be able to cut out travel to and from your office and school, saving you lots of time every single day. You’ll also be able to stay at home whenever you want or need to, which is ideal when you have children. After all, if your kids are off school sick, you won’t be able to sit them in a classroom while you watch a lecture. Just be sure you have somewhere quite at home for you to get your work done.

Build A Support System

As a working, studying mom, one of the most important resources you can possibly have is a strong support system. With that in mind, you need to make sure that everyone around you, including your partner, employer, family, friends, and extended family are backing you all the way. You should also make an effort to connect with other students in your class, especially those who are also working parents like you. This means that you’d have someone to help you out with your studies, as well as an understanding shoulder to cry on when everything gets too much.

Spend Your Time Wisely

Every day of your life contains twenty-four hours, but, with so much on your plate, it can feel like you’ve got a lot less. For this reason, it’s more important than ever that you spend your time wisely and stop wasting it putting things off and procrastinating. You should also do your best to minimize the distractions you face while working, including your phone and television. This way, you’ll be interrupted less and will find it much easier to remain productive. Although multitasking may seem efficient here, it can do more harm than good, so avoid it at all costs.

Simplify Your Everyday Life

Once you’ve done all you can during the hours you already have, you should consider ways to find some more. This means cutting back on certain tasks and simplifying your schedule. If you’re spending too much time cleaning, then get the whole family involved and give everyone a chore chart of their own to follow. If you’re spending too much time cooking, then learn some easier recipes and eat out at the weekends as a treat. You could also visit your parents fortnightly instead of weekly and learn to say no to jobs and activities you really don’t have time for.

Don’t Do Everything Alone

Working, studying, and raising a family was never going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean that you should suffer alone when things get too overwhelming. Instead of toughing it out and trying to do everything alone, you should learn to ask for help now and then. This could mean asking a sibling to take care of your children for the day or turning to an essay writing service when you’re struggling to meet a deadline. When you’re particularly stressed, you may even want to speak to a doctor for advice, before it turns into a more serious health issue.

Get The Kids Involved

Your roles as a mother, student, and worker or business owner are bound to conflict at times, but that’s not to say that you should always keep your different roles separate. In fact, there are many instances where your roles could complement one another. For example, you could have your kids do their school work when you do yours so that neither of you has to miss out on any quality time with one another. Your studies might have also taught you new skills that help you to be a more productive and motivated worker or give you ideas that could help your company.

Take Care Of Yourself

It’s impossible to work or study efficiently when you’re physically drained and emotionally exhausted. In fact, you’ll even find it hard to be there for your family. With this in mind, you need to make sure that you take proper care of yourself, and that you don’t sacrifice your mental or physical well-being in a bid to keep up with your hectic schedule. Regardless of how busy you are, you still need to eat healthy meals and get enough sleep each night. You should also exercise every single day and make time for fun and your social life.

Raising a family can be difficult enough, but, when you add work and studies to the mix, it creates a complicated and overwhelming concoction. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have it all. With some careful thought and thorough planning, you can find the perfect balance and make it possible to work, study, and take care of your children.

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