How To Break Away From the 9-5

How To Break Away From the 9-5

A 9-5 job is what many of us do, but it’s not always the right thing. When you’re a busy mom with childcare to consider, a 9-5 job might not always be the best solution. A change in working hours and working environment can make all the difference to your work/life balance as well as help you to find that all-important job satisfaction.



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Want to break away from the 9-5? Here are some career options to consider that can offer you something different.


Freelancing is a great solution if you want to take charge of your own career, choose your working hours and enjoy freedom in your role. It can be an ideal way for mothers to juggle childcare as well as be able to be at home when you need to be. Becoming a freelancer can be somewhat of a scary leap, but it’s something you can consider doing as a side hustle while working until you build up some clients. If you’ve got a particular talent or skill that lends itself well to freelancing such as writing, design or marketing, then you should certainly give freelancing some thought.


The hospitality industry never sleeps, which is great if you want to choose a role with varied working hours and the chance to work with interesting people day in, day out. The hospitality industry offers many different types of roles, and one of the most exciting is in hotel management. If you’re serious about making the career switch, then studying at a Swiss hotel management school could help you get the experience you need to truly succeed in your new career choice. Careers in the hospitality industry are great if you want to consider relocating, allowing you to take your skills with you anywhere in the world.

The Film and TV industry

Working in the film and TV industry is certainly a way to escape your typical office-based role, providing the chance to travel, work with interesting people and experience new things every day. Film and TV work very rarely comes with set hours, and you can expect to work day and night shifts as well as on location as part of the job. It’s easier than you think to get started in a career in film or TV, simply start looking for opportunities with local production companies or TV channels and find out what’s required. As an industry that’s never dull, it could be the exciting career change you’ve been looking for.

There are many reasons why you might want to break away from your typical job, but it’s important that you find a career and a balance that works for you and your family. Work-related stress can be damaging to your health, so swapping from one stressful industry to another won’t resolve things. Take a look at the different options that are available to you to help you succeed in your career and enjoy choosing your own path for a healthier, happier work life.  

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