How To Find The Right Employees After Several Tries

How To Find The Right Employees After Several Tries

Though it might not be something you anticipated when you started in business, there’s a chance that you’ll come across employment at some stage. Even the hardest working entrepreneurs aren’t able to keep things afloat alone for long –  especially if they want to achieve real success along the way. Hence, you’ll need to extend your skills to employment if you’re going to keep yourself afloat.

The trouble is, selecting staff may not be a skill that you’re versed in. In fact, every new hire you’ve brought on board so far may have been way off mark. And, you’re just about at the end of your tether with having to pick up people’s slack after letting them go. In fact, you may be starting to question whether it would be easier to tackle everything solo after all.

The reality is that trying to do things alone could only work to damage your reputation. With that in mind, consider the following ways you could improve your employment choices in the future.

Put more weight on resumes


Some employers swear by resumes, while others don’t even bother to collect them. If you’re having trouble here, the chances are that you’re in the latter group. But, resumes are a fantastic first-base when it comes to selecting interview applicants. Even if a role doesn’t call for qualifications, experience and skills are essential for judging a good fit. By only selecting applicants with a relevant skill set, you increase your chances of choosing appropriate hires. This process can also cut down on how long this whole employment thing takes you. And, that’s got to be good news, right?

Hand over the reins

Speaking of cutting down the time this takes, why not entrust the task of employment to someone else? If you’re rushing the process to get on with more important things, it’s no surprise you keep getting this wrong. Instead, why not pass the task to a trusted colleague? You could even put a human resources team in place to take care of every aspect of employment for you. If you don’t fancy that, you could even use an outsourced human resource management system like those offered by Zentech. This brings the same benefits with less cost. It also saves you having to worry about hiring human resources staff in the first place! And, you can bet employment improves when you have someone dedicated solely to the task.

Consider your interview questions



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If your budget doesn’t stretch to help, consider your interview questions. Focusing on resumes makes the interview process easier, but questions still matter. Your failure up until now suggests you’re asking the wrong things. The trick is to ask candidates to expand on pointers from their resume. It’s also worth asking them how they would deal with various scenarios. They won’t be able to rehearse these answers. As such, this is a good indication of whether someone has the personality you’re looking for. 


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