How To Increase Your Staff Productivity

How To Increase Your Staff Productivity

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Something that is always going to be important in any business is just how busy and active the staff are. But don’t be fooled – it doesn’t matter quote how busy they are if they are not actually doing anything of value. You need to make sure that what they are doing is actually something important, and that is the true measure of productivity. For this reason, achieving greater productivity often takes more than what people think. It’s not just about improving things so that people work harder, but monitoring the work to ensure that it is of good quality, and that your people are as motivated as they could be. This approach is much more effective, as we will see, and much more likely to yield the kind of overall company results you probably want for your business.

Office Layout

One of the biggest influencing factors on productivity is the way that the office is laid out. You need it to make as much sense as possible, and to ensure that nobody is going to have to carry out any tasks which are extraneous or make no sense. If you can manage to arrange the office in such a way that everyone is going to be able to work as effectively as possible, you will have made a great difference indeed. You might find that you need to actually enact an overall office redesign, which can take time and effort, and it might require that you entirely rethink the office design overall. However, that is likely to be worthwhile if it means that your productivity levels will rise – which they almost certainly will.


Without motivation, even the hardest-working employee is still not going to be reaching their absolute peaks, so this is something that you need to think about as soon as possible. Applying motivation to your employees can be hard to get right, but it is something which you can easily achieve so long as you are aware of what really motivates people. What actually works is to make sure that your people are aware of why they are doing what they are doing, what their place is in the whole process, and why that might be important. Make that clear to each individual, and you will find that you can see much more getting done on a daily basis.

Checking In

If your staff do not feel that you are really paying close attention to their work, they actually won’t appreciate it, so you need to make sure that you are checking in every now and then just to be sure. You don’t want to hound them either of course, but finding a balance here is likely to ensure that you can get the result you want much more often. Thy will like that you actually care about what they are doing, and it will mean better things for the company as a whole too. Check in regularly to ensure they are working hard, and that they know why.

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