Keep Your Employees Cool As A Cucumber This Summer

Keep Your Employees Cool As A Cucumber This Summer

We are now well into summer and that means long sunny days with fantastic temperatures. In fact, if you are lucky enough, you might even be located on one of the regions that are currently benefiting from a red hot heatwave Of course, this weather is only great on your days off. It’s not exactly the ideal temperature to be stuck in an office having to work a full day.

It’s on these hot days when you’ll need to take extra special care of your employees. They might not be too happy about having to work in such strong heat, and their motivation and productivity could be lacking as a result. It is in your interest to try and help them combat the heat as best they can so that they are able to stay cool and are able to continue to concentrate on their work through the day.


Encourage Them To Dress Appropriately

First of all, you should set a dress code that will encourage everyone to dress appropriately for the weather that is forecast. Ideally, you should allow your employees to stick to a smart-casual dress code so that they don’t have to wear heavy and close-fitting suits all the time as they could be extremely uncomfortable in the heat. You might want to recommend that they visit the likes of so they can source some loose T-shirts and wrap tops. You’ll find that the site has a lot of job-specific clothes as well, which are ideal for those who work in certain industries, such as healthcare.


Offer Plenty Of Refreshments

The best way to stay cool through the summer heat is to stay hydrated. Your workers will need to drink plenty through the day. If they don’t, they will quickly suffer from the symptoms of hydration, which include headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Obviously, if they start to experience these symptoms in the office, they won’t get much work done and might even need to go home sick! So, make sure that you offer them plenty of refreshments. It’s a good idea to have plenty of bottles of so that people can keep their liquid levels up. Some fresh juices will also be nice to sip on in the heat. Try and discourage your employees from only drinking coffee through the day, though, as all that caffeine can actually dehydrate them.

Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Serviced

One of the worst situations that you could be in this summer is without any air conditioning in the office. That’s a surefire way for your employees to quickly overheat. So, it’s a good idea to get your air conditioning system serviced as soon as you can. That way, you know it is in good working order to last the rest of the summer. Generally speaking, it’s important to get this system serviced once a year at the beginning of summer, but it’s also worth thinking about getting it checked out at the end as well before you stop using it for half the year. That will minimize the risk of you turning it on in May only to find out that it no longer works.


Provide Personal Fans

Even though your employees won’t be doing anything too strenuous while they are sitting at their computers and working away, they will still end up quite sweaty in the heat. One way around this is to buy some small fans that they can have on their desk. Just one fan per employee will be enough. You’ll find that most stationary stores sell desk fans that will be small enough to sit right next to their computer screen. The benefit of these little fans is that everyone will get their own, so no one will complain about where they are placed. Each employee can have theirs wherever they want it.


Keep Blinds Closed

You might think that closing all the blinds in your office might make the room a lot hotter. Thankfully, that isn’t the case. In fact, closing all the blinds will prevent most of the sun from shining through the windows into the office. As a result, the room won’t overheat too much. This will also keep all the sun off your employees and prevent them from suffering from heat stroke. Not only that, though, but keeping the sun out of the office will prevent them being blinded by all the sunshine. So, closing the blinds won’t only keep everyone cooler but it will help them see their computer screens much better too!

Offer Some Cooling Treats

Not everyone can cope well with the summer heat, and your employees who aren’t enjoying it might be finding it difficult to be cheerful at work. So, why not give them a reason to smile and treat them to some delicious cooling treats? If you put a few boxes of ice cream bars and lollies into the office’s freezer, then I’m sure you will quickly become the favorite person in the company very quickly. On Fridays you might want to cheer up the office by bringing in some refreshing premium fizzy drinks. Fresh fruit can also be very refreshing on hot, sunny days.


Offer Extra Breaks

It is impossible to work without any devices and computers these days. Unfortunately, these can give off a lot of heat, especially in summer when the weather is super hot. It’s a good idea to offer your employees plenty of breaks throughout the day so that they can get away from their computers and screens for ten to fifteen minutes. This will keep them a little bit cooler and it will also ensure that their eyes get the rest that they need from all that screen usage.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you keep your employees a lot more comfortable through the summer months.


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