How To Keep Your Employees Well This Winter

How To Keep Your Employees Well This Winter

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Sickness is the cause of more lost production than anything else, especially in the winter months. Colds and flu spread like wildfire, but as an employer, there are some things you can do to help keep your staff well, and so keep the business running efficiently.

Keep The Workplace Warm

Keep your workplace warm and try to ensure there are not too many drafts. Warehouses and factories can be hard to maintain at a constant temperature that is comfortable for the staff to work in, and stores where customers are opening and closing doors can also have a problem.  However, if you use a form of heating that maintains a level temperature and deals with drafts and opening of doors, then your workers will be less likely to pick up a cold or the flu.

Never let your heating system run out of fuel, and if you see it is getting low you should be in touch with a supplier such as Tonbridge Fuels. This will ensure your fuel tank always has an ample supply to keep your workplace warm.

Train Workers To Steer Clear

Train your workers to have a little physical contact as possible during the winter months. Ask them to avoid shaking hands, for instance. Teach them to wash their hands regularly, especially after eating, using the bathroom, or if they have to touch their eye, nose or mouth. Encourage them all to have a flu vaccination, and arranging for that to be done at work may help.

If they do start to feel unwell they should go home right away and not have any contact with any other employees until they are recovered. These measures will help to prevent the spread of any infection that an employee might unwittingly bring to the workplace.

Clean Shared Areas



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Shared areas, such as work surfaces, should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.  It is also not a bad idea to clean door handles and anything else that will be touched by several people.

Touch is the quickest way to spread germs, but if you think in terms of an office maybe, keyboards, phones, fridge doors, coffee pots, and several other things could all be touched by multiple users in just a couple of hours.

If you make sure the is an ample supply of wet wipes all around the workplace, then your employees can wipe anything they are going to use before they touch it.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Encourage healthy eating among your employees, including foods that have plenty of vitamin C in them. You can help to push them in this direction by ensuring that you canteen has healthy options for their meals, or perhaps having some bowls of fruit scattered around the workplace. Alternatively, you could supply them with Vitamin C supplements, as they will help to stave off colds and infections.

Keeping Your Staff Healthy In Winter


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It may cost you a little extra money to keep your staff healthy through the winter months, but the costs will be more than recouped because your productions levels will not suffer through illness.


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