How to Know When It’s Time to Outsource

How to Know When It’s Time to Outsource

Every small company out there has two choices when it comes to getting work done – hire in someone new to work for you on a full-time basis or outsource to an expert. For most businesses, outsourcing is the key to their success. For other companies, the problem is that outsourcing costs money. When you’re a small business trying to find your feet, and build your cash flow, the idea of finding the budget to pay outsiders to get your work done is one that you may not have contemplated. The one thing that you don’t want to do is get into debt.

Most entrepreneurs start out doing absolutely everything by themselves. While this works for some smaller outfits, it doesn’t work for everybody. Sometimes, trying to do everything means that tasks get finished in an average fashion. How can they be excellent when a business owner can run a business, but not balance the books correctly? You can switch on a laptop, but you’d need to look at today to manage your cloud server. This is where outsourcing would be helpful. Entrepreneurs should always play to their strengths not their weaknesses. If you can run a business but have zero idea how to plan a social media strategy, then hiring a good marketing company is probably a smart choice.


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The right time to outsource pieces of your company comes down to the strengths of your company and how you manage them. If you are able to cut operational costs in certain areas and get a cheaper service elsewhere, then why wouldn’t you do it? Some entrepreneurs see outsourcing as giving up control, which in a way it is. However, if you have control of a certain aspect of your business and you are managing it poorly, then having control isn’t necessarily a good thing.

The best time that your business should outsource is when you have set your company goals and priorities and you know in the direction in which your business is heading. It’s not really a matter of time, it’s strategy that counts. If you have goals that require to stay busy with projects, then bringing in an outside team to focus solely on marketing or IT is going to help you complete them on time.

The fact is, you can maintain control of which pieces of your projects you outsource and you can see the value in doing so over time. You can gain a real competitive edge over the competition and run on higher efficiency, knowing that you are paying for people to work for you and get the job done that you need done.

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