How to Land a Job with No Experience

How to Land a Job with No Experience

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Many employers tend to favor applicants with experience – they require less training and are more likely to adapt to the role. That said, you can still land a job without experience. After all, everyone needs to start somewhere. Here are just some of the tricks that you may be able to use to land the job you want without experience.

Look for jobs that provide training

There are some companies out there such as CRST Expedited that offer training to those that are inexperienced. Such companies can be worth looking for if you’re lacking experience and qualifications. Apprenticeships and internships are another option for inexperienced applicants. You may sometimes need to pay for training, although some companies will cover this costs and any tests you may need to take.

Consider volunteering

While you don’t get paid when volunteering, it can be a great way to gain the necessary experience. Many employers are willing to take on volunteers as it doesn’t pose a financial risk to them. You may only have reduced responsibilities; however you may still gain enough skills to then apply for a paid job. A voluntary role may even lead onto a paid role if you can prove that you’re a valuable enough asset. You can find voluntary opportunities at companies like VolunteerMatch, although you may be able to simply contact companies directly that aren’t advertising.

Know the right people

Sometimes it’s who you know that matters. By networking with people that work in your target trade, you may meet someone who can put a kind word in for an employer (or you may even meet an employer looking for new recruits). The best way to meet these people is to attend networking events such as conferences, job fairs, trade fairs and seminars. There may even be social leisure events where you bump into the right people such as weddings and parties, so it’s worth always being on the ball. You can also network with people online using sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Take up relevant education

Sometimes having relevant education can be the next best thing to having experience. If you really want to get into marketing, having a marketing degree is certain to help and will show that whilst you may not have experience, you may have some useful knowledge to share. You don’t have to pursue higher education – short courses may be able to provide you with valuable qualifications too.

Take up relevant hobbies/interests

You may also be able to show enough enthusiasm to get hired simply by taking part in relevant hobbies and interests. For example, if you want to become a sports journalist, being a member of a sports club and owning a sports blog is certain to look good on your CV and could help you to get hired regardless of how much experience you have. All employers value enthusiasm.

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