How To Make Your Job Application Stand Out

How To Make Your Job Application Stand Out

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With so many people chasing the same job, you need to make sure that your application stands out. Before the digital world evolved, this could be done very simply by putting your application on a different colored paper, so it stood out in the pile. It is not quite so easy these days though, but if you really want that dream job that has just been advertised you need to make it happen.

Think what things you can include in your application that will win you an interview, as that is the first stage you need to get to for any chance of being considered for the job.

More Than Writing

Having to sift through hundreds of applications is a pretty soul destroying task. Many of the applicants they know will not be suitable before they start, but still, have to read each one to be able to weed those out. Why not make yours a bit different by starting with a photo of yourself. Professional headshots are not expensive from a company like They could, however, mean the difference between getting an interview or not. That makes them an excellent investment.

If as part of the application you mention projects you have worked on in the past, include images from that as well, if you are allowed to. A few pictures will make your application more interesting, and less likely to end up on the no good pile.

Do You Have The Qualifications?

Experience beats all in most job applications, but some employers will still want to see that you have the qualifications needed. If yours fall short, let them know you are willing to learn and to get the qualifications they want in your own time. Online courses have made this process much easier to do, and you can work at them at your own pace. You can fit them around your lifestyle and will lack none of the support or help you need, it just all is done online.

Tell Them Your Interests, No Matter How Bizarre They Are

This is really important because if the person going through the applications has a similar interest it forms a connection and will make it more likely they want to meet you.

Quirky interests or facts about yourself will make your application more interesting and stand out from the hundreds of mundane ones being plowed through.

Languages And Travel

If you took a gap of a year or two and traveled, write about the experience on your job application. The same applies to if you speak more than one language fluently. These two things show resilience, and that you are prepared to be outside of your normal comfort zone. With the world getting smaller because of technology, having some who knows about other cultures or another language can be a big bonus for any employer.

Sell Yourself

You are the only person that can sell yourself, and you need to do so with confidence. If you lack the nerve and drive to go after the job of your dreams, it is most unlikely that it will come to you.

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