How to Make Your Work Presentation More Fun

How to Make Your Work Presentation More Fun

When it comes to work, we need to be inspired to get things done to the best quality. We all know that work can get a little bit boring, but there are many ways that you can spice up the next big presentation you have to give to the board room. Just like your marketing campaigns, if there’s nothing interesting to look at, no one is going to be interested. So with that in mind, here are a few ways you can wow your co-workers (and maybe even your boss), just by recreating a PowerPoint or two.



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For a Better General Design

Looking at a screen for a good hour or two when it’s not a funny video on YouTube can be incredibly boring. Even more boring is the design templates PowerPoints offer us as they’re overused and really quite underappreciated. Yet, there are plenty of ways to change this with just a little creativity.

Take to the web first of all. Maybe you think of PowerPoint transitions as a little childish, but often that’s all we need to get a little giggle out of our work friends. Using sites afforded to us by providers like Google means we can indulge in the power of Google slides themes and the like as they’re custom templates and made by people just like you.

For the Usually Lost Interactivity Element

When it comes to focusing specifically on someone else’s hard work, less than half stick it out for the long game. With that in mind, don’t panic about the workload you have to offset on people tomorrow. They’ll listen pretty well if you include a couple of things.

First of all, try to break the ice with them. This is such a cliche statement, but when it comes to making sure people are invested in what they’re doing, a little exercise to get them involved (rather than just as spectators) brings their mind to the forefront. By making them think on the spot and talk about themselves, people are more likely to keep up with what you’re saying.

You can also make your presentation more personal as facts, figures and statistics only take us but so far. Yes, they’re the evidence behind your particular hypothesis, but when they’re shown in that simple form, people are going to immediately forget about them as soon as you change the slide. Instead, incorporate them into a story. This can be real or hypothetical. What matters most is that you keep their attention and use your well-researched stats to improve the effect.

Work presentations have a lot of substance, but unfortunately that isn’t immediately a promise that people want to see them. Instead, turn their expectations on themselves and wow the people you work around with simple color tricks and a little more interactivity.





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