How To Stop Procrastinating And Get The Job Done

How To Stop Procrastinating And Get The Job Done


One of the most common problems known to man is procrastination. You may know what you need to do, you may even know how to get it done, but there will always be something that you would rather do instead. This could be something you find more interesting like watching TV, reading a book, or playing on your phone, but it could even be something more boring, like sweeping the floor to avoid doing your work. I get it – everyone needs a break every now and then. However, if you continue to have “breaks”, then you’re never going to get anything done. Here is how you can stop avoiding the task at hand and get the job done.

  1. Stop Thinking So Much

A large problem that most people have when they need to start an important task is planning too much and overthinking the task. Some planning is a good idea – especially if your task is large and important – but you can’t use this planning as a reason to avoid the task. You also shouldn’t plan so much that you blow the size of the task well out of proportion and completely put yourself off with starting it. There is no such thing as a perfect plan, so figure out a general timeline of what you’re going to do and go from there.

  1. Take The First Step

Once you know roughly how you’re going to go about completing your task, start it right away. If you have to buy an engagement ring, for example, head over to If you have to find an accountant for your small business, then visit Your first step doesn’t have to be a big step, but it does need to be a step in the right direction. Even the smallest of actions will give you the motivation to continue.

  1. Start With Difficult Tasks

If you have a lot to get done in one day, then start with the most difficult or most uncomfortable task first. This will force you to stop putting it off all day and then never getting it done at all. For example, as a business owner, you may have to consult with your lawyer, sort through your emails and tackle your finances. Because your finances are complicated and might not be in the best of shape, you may put this off until later. Avoid doing this. Face your fears and tackle this task first.

  1. Finish Your Tasks

There is absolutely no point in starting new tasks if your current one, and three before that, still waiting to be completed. It’s more satisfying to get one task done than to have a list a mile long of tasks that you haven’t finished. There will be times when something more important comes up, but as soon as you’ve finished that, make sure that you go back to your original task rather than starting a new one.

It can be hard to quit procrastinating, but these tips should help you make the first steps.


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