How to Welcome Foreign Staff into Your Business

How to Welcome Foreign Staff into Your Business

For new arrivals to the United States of America, the big wide land of opportunity can be daunting. Given the vastness of the country, it’s no wonder that the many sub-groups and cultures that live side by side are very complex. However, what bonds everyone together in business is a unique culture. Multiple principals keep the fabric of the company alive and well, and learning them will take time. There aren’t any easy shortcuts for the assimilation of foreign employees within the workforce. You have to take your time with them and be tolerant. There are a few things that you, as the business owner, can focus on to make a smooth transition for new employees.

Learning the language

One of the best ways to help employees fit in right away is to become fluent in the language. Professional companies like speak up usa, specialize in teaching English as a second language to all people from all  backgrounds. Whether your foreign staff will be staying long term or you just want to be able to communicate for a short while using the basics, there are courses and classes to suit your needs. The methodology used to teach English is just as important as the student’s wish and enthusiasm to learn. Teachers at such classes are patient, love to meet new people and can adapt easily to any learning level.



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Company culture and customs

Foreign workers that are not from other Western countries may find it difficult to understand how you operate. It’s important to realize that their skills would be better unleashed if they knew your parameters. Introduce them to their superiors first before other employees in your business. Allow them time to get to know your managers, middle management and human resources team. Many businesses around the world have unique customs. If you are going to hold sectional or departmental meetings, such as quarterly reports on the finances, and you need all relevant employees to be in a meeting, inform the new staff personally. Don’t allow them to miss out on anything related to team building. They have traveled far and made the effort for you. Now it’s time to help them fit in socially with your other staff.

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Gradually give them responsibilities

Not only are foreign employees dealing with a language barrier, but they are also getting used to what your demands. Ease them in with lighter workloads and focus on their role description. Explain the schedule for each day, how tasks are allocated and what kind of standard you expect. Gradually as the days go on, increase their workload to where it should be. Don’t be afraid to lower the amount if they show signs of being swamped. Give them encouragement and let them know you are patient.

Welcoming foreign staff into your business is a sign you’re moving with the times. You shouldn’t limit yourself to a local talent pool. However, you should take the proper measures of introducing them to the country and the business culture. With the correct teaching, they can learn the language while they are working for you. Welcome them into the social network of your staff and patiently bring on their responsibilities.

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