Keeping Your Staff Happy Is Easier Than You Think

Keeping Your Staff Happy Is Easier Than You Think

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘happy wife, happy life’, well the same goes with your business when it comes to your staff. Keeping them happy is one of the most important things that you could do for many reasons; the main one being the successful running of your business of course. If you’re new to the whole boss role, it might be time to read up on how you can easily keep your staff happy so that your business can begin to thrive and continue to do so for many years to come.


Be fair with entitlements

You often hear people moaning about their workplace because of the entitlements that they receive (or don’t in many cases). Make sure that the breaks within and outside of work that you’re giving your staff are well within a fair range so that they remain happy and willing to work. That’s not to say that you should be soft on them either, but giving everyone enough time to take a break from work while they’re on shift will allow them to continue working at their best. The same goes for paid vacation. A great way to achieve this is by giving them incentives to earn themselves an extra day or two of paid vacation. Afterall, keeping your staff happy and willing to work is protecting your company from going downhill at any point.

Make sure everyone is pulling their weight

Another common grumble that you hear in the workplace is when a member of staff isn’t pulling their weight around the place. You need to take charge and make sure that everyone is doing what they should be, and if they don’t then there will be serious consequences.


Another way of achieving this is by making sure that everyone you employ is of the highest standards. Using headhunters will allow you to rest assured that all members of staff coming your way are perfect for the job, which will then eliminate the worry of anyone not pulling their weight. Check out for more information on using headhunters for your business.

Talk with them, not down to them

One quick way of going down in your staff’s opinion is by treating them like they aren’t as good as you are. Make sure that when you’re talking to them that you’re talking with them and not down to them. The only time that you should be asserting your authority is when you are having to discipline someone, and in all other cases you should be chatting to them like you would to a colleague if you weren’t the boss.

Take time to get to know them

Finally, a great way of keeping a good relationship with your staff is by getting to know them outside of the workplace. This might mean arranging events for you to all attend and get to know each other in an environment that isn’t based around work.


Take on these tips to keep your staff happy and continue to grow your business as intended!

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