Make Work Fun Again With Google

Make Work Fun Again With Google



To “Google something” means to search for it through the engine. The company has become so big that it has turned into a verb. When your brand makes this transition, you know the company is about to hit the big time.

So, you’ve got a problem, a rather big one: work is boring. It’s difficult to get motivated without a challenge, and without motivation it’s hard to succeed. The answer that is staring you in the face is to Google the solutions. If anyone has the fixes, it’s Silicon Valley’s very own.

It’s true that the search engine has the info, but not in the way you may think. Rather than searching, it’s better to look at the HQ instead.

Treat Employees To Perks

Bosses don’t see the pros in relaxing the work space. Workers will only take advantage and slack off according to conventional logic. Sure, some people will use it as an excuse to get too comfy and do the bare minimum. However, the majority of the staff will enjoy the freedom and reward your risk-taking attitude with results. Take Google’s headquarters and its food services. The restaurant has an array of tasty dishes that boost morale. There is nothing like enjoying a delicious lunch while in uniform.

Revolutionize The Office

Cream walls, cubicles, and computer equipment – these are the Big 3. In a traditional office, employees can’t move for vanilla colors and prison-like work spaces. It’s no wonder 80% of companies fail in the long-term. One of the reasons Google has succeeded is that it has revolutionized the universally accepted. Rather than computer chairs, there are sofas and La-Z-Boys. Instead of a windowless cell, there are bay windows that look onto perfectly manicured lawns. Other than wallowing in mediocrity, there are billions of dollars of turnover thanks to their novel ideas. Who knew bright walls could be so effective?

Stop Micromanaging

Yes, this is a reference to bosses stockpiling power and not delegating it to their workers. But, it’s also a shout out to the men and women in charge who don’t believe in fluidity. Of course the people in office shouldn’t have access to sensitive info; it’s a data risk. Leaks are nasty, but Google uses managed IT services throughout the firm to perfection and finds a great balance. For example, it allows remote working and opens up files to whomever necessary. Still, it vets who get access beforehand to limit the damage. It’s hard to argue with this process.

Retreat, Now

Taking a backward step isn’t an option for a multi-billion dollar firm. Instead, they retreat differently: they go away as a team. Doing this helps to build teamwork. Even if you don’t like a person, you can respect them by spending time together. The good and the bad are there to see, rather than one or the other. And, some people bond to the point where they are more than work acquaintances – they are friends. 75% of people who have friends at work are engaged, which is why Google retreats often.


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