Making $ents of Clutter - Organizing Tips and Solutions for the Busy Mom

Paris Love

Productivity Consultant & Business Coach


Wednesday, 7-8 pm EST


The Incubator

About Paris

Author, coach, speaker, and productivity and organizational expert, Paris Love specializes in working with overextended professionals to increase their efficiency in life and business.
A nationally recognized productivity and organizational expert, her advice has appeared in numerous websites and publications as well as appearing on the hit TV series, Hoarders, as an organizational expert with IKEA-Atlanta, and as a regular columnist for Hope for Women Magazine.
Her high energy, loving but no-nonsense approach will motivate and guide your experience of increased well-being and overall success.

Course Description:

Do you sit around “looking” at your clutter? Yet, you don’t act on it. It won’t go away simply by looking at it; you have to act on it. It may feel as if you are throwing a part of yourself away, but you’re not. Hold on to the memories and let the “stuff” go. Clear your mind and clutter, once and for all.

How often do you put off doing things? Cleaning? Visiting Friends? Paying Bills?
Do you collect unnecessary “stuff”? Boxes? Containers? Books or magazines? Condiments from

Do you wait for someone else to complete tasks that you should have done?
Are you ready to change your life, the way you are currently living?

If you answered yes, then Making $ents of Clutter is for you. This course provides organizational tips and solutions for the busy mom. When you change the way you live, you bring about life changes-you’ll start to appreciate your
money, family, time and most importantly your belongings.

By the end of this course you will:

·  Understand and Recognize Behaviors Associated with Clutter
·  Learn Strategies to Overcome Clutter
·  Examine motivations and obstacles related to clutter and the collection of things
·  Identify self-sabotaging behaviors, so being organized is no longer an issue


September 28, 2015


6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really get organized?

Of course you can! Getting organized is easy…the hard part is staying organized! It takes time and effort to establish new habits and rid yourself of unproductive ones. That’s why our goal is to assist you in decluttering and organizing your space while establishing manageable, maintainable systems that you can integrate into your busy daily life. It won’t always be easy, but it WILL be worth the effort!

How is this course different from other organizational courses?

We set ourselves apart from other organizational consultancies by really focusing on why you are disorganized. We get to the emotional and psychological roots of those dysfunctions. We do this by asking specific questions about past behaviors and habits, identifying how and why you engage in unproductive or unhealthy ones. We then create a plan for overcoming those behaviors by addressing the self-limiting feelings and beliefs tied to those habits, freeing you to enjoy a more productive and fulfilling life.

Will I be able to organize my space by the end of the course?

Yes!!! We love immediate results and we won’t allow you to give up on yourself. We will push you, but in a kind and supportive way. We have faith in our studentsand we know that when they put in the work, they get results. It really is that simple! So, are you ready to change your life? What are you waiting for?

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