One Day I’ll Write A Book: Everyone Has A Story to Tell. Tell Yours

Lakia Brandenburg

The Wife Coach


Saturday 10am EST


Mompreneur Clinic

About Lakia

Lakia “LB” Brandenburg is a wife coach, inspirational speaker and author of two relationship books (He’s not Perfect. I’m not Perfect. But Together We’re … Picture Perfect & The Tiara: 5 Ways to Reign as Queen of Your Castle.). She enjoys coaching single and married women by sharing her personal journey of becoming an effective wife, while providing her clients with practical steps to apply to their own relationship and love story. LB believes that “Everyone Has a Story to Tell” and in her newest venture, she is teaching women how to tell theirs. One Day I’ll Write a Book, an online course is perfect for any aspiring author who’s ready to make their dream of writing a book a reality.

Course Description:

Do you have a powerful story that the world needs to hear? Have you ever thought to yourself, “One day I’ll write a book”? If so, then this course is for you. Often women with amazing stories never get a chance to write them and publish their stories because they don’t know where to start. This course will open your eyes to the possibility of becoming a published author. Together we will go through the process of making your dream of writing a book a reality. 

Key Strategies that we will cover during this course:

    • How to begin with the End in Mind
    • How to develop the mindset of an Author
    • Tell Your Story: What’s Your Message?
    • Learn strategies to address Writer’s Block
    • To Publish or Not to Publish? Is it for you?


Special Bonus:

You will receive a 30-minute discovery session where you can discuss your vision for writing your book.

By the end of this course you will:

• Have an interactive vision board specifically for your goals as an aspiring author/writer

• Have transitioned your book idea/concept to developing a manuscript

• Know how to think, act and write like an author

• Understand the process of self-publishing as an avenue to get your books published and available at bookstores.


September 28, 2015


6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for aspiring authors and writers only?

No, this course is open to anyone who has a story to tell and would like to put it in a book. If you’ve ever said, “One Day I’ll Write a Book,” you will be equipped with the fundamental skills and steps necessary to make it happen.

I want to write a book, but I’m not a strong writer. Should I take this course?

This course is perfect for novice writers or individuals who have a challenge expressing themselves with the written word. The weekly sessions are designed to help you build a story or content with an amazing story line, but to build your confidence as a writer and your ability to tell your story.

How much of this course requires me to write?

The course is 30% writing assignments. The remaining percentages include a vision board project at 50%, and journal entries at 20%.

Why is a vision board one of the required assignments?

Everything starts with a vision. The vision board will be used as a tool to help students feel, think, and act like the author they desire to be … before it happens. Students will draw inspiration from their vision board before, during, and after they write their manuscript.

Will I publish a book at the end of this 6-week course?

No, the publishing process contains several detailed steps that will not be covered in its entirety. However, after successfully completing this course, you will receive a special offer to help you publish your manuscript, if you choose to take that route.

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