Erica Blocker is the Founder and CEO of Moms With Dreams University.

A mom since the tender age of 17, Erica has mastered the art of raising her children while achieving her dreams and is passionate about helping moms discover their purpose and live their dreams. Erica believes that everyone has a purpose to fulfill and that having children should not be an excuse to neglect that purpose. Instead, having children should be your motivation to achieve your dreams.

Erica is a sought-after inspirational speaker, an international bestselling author and the curator of the Amazon bestseller,  Motherhood Dreams & Success: You Can Have It All.

Erica is the voice of the popular podcast, The Moms With Dreams Show, where she interviews courageous women who are living their dreams while juggling motherhood, marriage and corporate careers. Her show reaches listeners across the world, encouraging them to go after what they want. You can listen to her podcast at

Erica’s mantra is: “Reclaim your dream. Do what you love. Make a difference.”

Moms With Dreams University™ (MWDU)

Erica created this online educational platform to educate and empower moms who want to live a purpose-driven life within a sacred community of like-minded women. Students at Moms With Dreams University™ receive the education, training and support they need to achieve their dreams.

While growing up Erica was taught that once you have children, your life is over and your dreams are no longer important. Erica refused to buy into that belief and stayed true to educational goals  – mainly because she was also taught that education is priceless and is something that can never be taken away once you earn it.

Erica earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Technical Management and Entrepreneurship Summa Cum Laude while raising her four young children. Although she was a devoted, loving wife and thought she would be married for the rest of her life, God had other plans. Erica was completely devastated when she discovered that her fairy tale marriage wasn’t such a fairy tale after all.

women learning

Even though her marriage of 14 years was sadly coming to an end, Erica was determined to keep working on her dreams. She returned to school and earned her Masters degree in Psychology.

During her marital separation and the lowest point in her life, Erica discovered her gifts and calling to empower women. After an intimate conversation with God, Erica knew she wanted to become a certified coach so she could help other divorced women reconnect with themselves and put their lives back together.

Erica uses her life experiences to empower moms everywhere to follow their dreams with confidence, style and grace. She is passionate about supporting moms in their journey of self-discovery, prioritizing and creating a life they desire and deserve. She believes that women can achieve anything they set out to when they have the right tools, information and support.