Protect Your Business From Threats And Vulnerability

Protect Your Business From Threats And Vulnerability

Running a business isn’t easy. You need to have plenty of good ideas. You need drive, some luck, and a way to enter your intended market. What you do is only half the battle. The other half is what happens TO you. This is outside of your control, but only to an extent; you can influence these factors sometimes in direct and indirect ways. Below, we take a look at a few of the big issues that can derail a company and suggest ways to minimize any threat to your livelihood.




That Rogue Employee

Make no mistake –  the people who you hire for your company are going to have a huge impact in a number of ways. On the obvious front, they’ll impact the bottom line. If they’re good at their job, profits go up. If they’re not, then your finances won’t be as healthy as they could be. It goes beyond this, too. Since a company’s success rests on the ability of the team to work together effectively, one rogue employee can cause great difficulties. If you have someone who is sucking the morale out of your workplace, then it’s time to improve your hiring process and bring the right people on board.

Downtime Issues

In this day and age, companies, while not expected to be open and operating twenty-four hours a day, are supposed to be reachable for a good portion of those hours. It’s not just availability that matters. People expect a response to their questions and problems as soon as possible. As such, it’s imperative that you avoid downtime, which will negatively affect the trust your customers have for your company. If your company is mostly online, make sure you’re working with an IT provider that guarantees to keep your website up and running.

Working With Other Companies

In order for your company to grow, you’ll need to work with other companies from time to time. Yet while working with others can help take your business to the next level, it’ll also leave you open to bad dealings and problems. If you’re entering an agreement with others, put down the expectations of all parties in writing. Learn more about drafting a contract, and you’ll have security that you’re not going to be short-changed by your dealings. You can’t always get things right, but you can ensure that the damage is kept to a minimum.

Cash-Flow Problems

Many companies suffer from cash flow issues. Even when things on paper are going well, you can find that you don’t have enough money in the bank to take care of all your responsibilities. To minimize this, keep your growth spending to a minimum until you have enough in your reserve to ensure daily costs can be met.

Changing Tides

The biggest danger of all may be the future. You can’t know for sure what will come, but you can help navigate the changing tides by having an open attitude and a willingness to change direction, should it be necessary.


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