Reduce Your Business Energy Costs This Summer

Reduce Your Business Energy Costs This Summer


Saving money on your energy is a task which can have many benefits for you and for your small business too. Running an empire can be hard enough without having to constantly worry about the cost of your heating and electricity bills. Finding any way to save money as a small business is imperative for you this year and we have some handy energy saving tips for you right now. 

Go solar 

If you have floor to ceiling windows in your office and a whole lot of lights running along the ceiling, you might be missing out on a trick here. Instead of using traditional LED lights in the office, switch to solar powered lights and make sure to face the panel out of the window to collect energy all day every day. You office can stay bright and clear without the need to worry about energy costs. 

Get an energy audit

Auditing your energy usage is the most handy way to see where you can save some money, Fir example, if you have a shipping and logistics department to the business, the fuel used by trucks can be immense and standard fuel prices might be ripping you of. This is why investing in Gas Oil Drums can be a wonderful choice and save you some money here. As far as the rest of the office goes, think about things such as vending machines and other unnecessary items which might be filling your budget. 

Motion sensing lights

The best investment you can bring into your office this year is lights which are connected to a motion sensor. It is important for you to be able to use these types of lights for areas in the office such as the kitchen, corridors and bathrooms. This will ensure that when no one is moving through these parts of the office, the lights automatically turn off and you save a lot of energy as a result of this. 

Use sunlight 

If you have an office which you are able to renovate, it is crucial that you take the time to create more windows and knock down walls to make open spaces. Sunlight is the best resource you can use in the office – not only for the light it provides, but also for the heat it will provide on a sunny day. 
Install programmable thermostats

The main issue we have with the office in the winter is that everyone wants to turn the heat up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This can cost a lot of money. Instead of having the heat on the same temperature all the time, make sure to get a thermostat that you can program to your chosen temperature, and that you can turn off when you leave the office. Also, consider that you can use a service such as Hive to control your heating from your phone so that you always shut it down at the end of the day, and so that you can set it off an hour before you get to work to warm the room up for the day ahead. 


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