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Remove the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) & Achieve Your Greatest Desires

Nancy Mueller



Thursdays, 7-8 pm EST


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About Nancy

Nancy is a Best Selling Author, Life Sensei for Women, Speaker and Podcast Host.  Her mission is to motivate and inspire women globally through her teaching, speaking, coaching, writing, and podcasts by encouraging women to improve their health, value their “self” and increase their wealth.

Course Description:

Fear can be a great motivator when you are being chased by a big brown bear or a crocodile because our fear can motivate us to move to safety.

Fear is also a great motivator in keeping us from manifesting our greatest desires in life. Science has proven that our brain cannot tell the difference between a real event or an imagined event and because of this, so many people allow their perceived FEARS to hold them back.

FEAR is a surface emotion that can show up in the following ways:
A fear of rejection
A fear of failure
A fear of making a fool of yourself
A fear of getting physically or emotionally hurt
A fear of losing your money or never having enough money
A fear of “not fitting in”
The list is endless and these fears are common, but more important, FEAR CAN BE ELIMINATED!!!

Fear is merely a surface emotion; when we feel fear, it is an opportunity for us to look deeper at the root cause of these fears. This course will help you to identify where fear comes from, how it is holding you back from reaching your true potential and, once identified, how to eliminate your fear.

Once you learn how to identify and remove the fear that has been holding you back, you will then understand how to manifest your greatest desires in life! 

Key Strategies that we will cover during this course:

  • Recognizing your fear and where it comes from
  • Why your fear has gotten you where you are and how to move past it
  • How to eliminate the fears that are holding you back
  • Beyond Fear – Now You Are Ready To Create Abundance

September 28, 2015
6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not married?

This course can support you with how you talk to anyone whether it’s your children, co-workers or your husband.

What do I need for this course?

If you have an open mind and a desire for greater communication with your husband, you are ready for this course.

Why do I need this course?

 Many women feel they are in a place of talking but not being heard; and doing for others but not feeling valued. Others feel they will always get into arguments with their husbands when it comes to certain topics, so they avoid them. This course is for the woman who says, “I’m ready to be heard and understood…the first time.”

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