Run Your Business Like A Powerful Country

Run Your Business Like A Powerful Country


Take a look at Britain and America – do they seem like countries to emulate? At the moment, the answer is an emphatic “no way, Jose!” The UK is spiraling out of control as a government, and the US has Donald Trump. Enough said about that.

The point is that, with these two examples, it seems silly to run a company like a country. Why anyone would want to try is a mystery to the majority. However, quickly brainstorm what nations have to offer. They have bottomless budgets, massive target audiences, and defenses against almost every threat. Any business owner who says she doesn’t want to improve in these three areas of their businesses is probably lying.

Of course, hitting the right targets is a difficult task. Trump said in 2016 that running a country like a business is impossible. So, there’s a chance it won’t work in reverse. Here’s how to be a leader and guide your firm to nation-style success. Just be sure to follow the right examples. As we know, some countries aren’t a symbol of democracy.

Democracy For All

Probably the one thing citizens cherish more than anything is a democracy. Being able to vote is a sign that they live in a forward-thinking country. Plus, the term encompasses a range of features – from freedom of speech to the right to bear arms. Even the men and women that you’d imagine don’t care are fiercely passionate about democracy. This is the first thing that your company should use as a foundation for success. Employees are the same because they want the business to hear their voice and listen to their opinions. Granted, it may not work in their favor for the most part, but at least it shows that management is trying to run a democratic outfit. Something as small as a suggestion box can make a huge difference. Otherwise, the workforce will assume, and rightly so, that the people in charge only listen to themselves.

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Manifesto Pledges Come True

There is a simple reason Trump is in power and why he may remain on the hot seat for eight years. It’s because he appealed to a base. The hardworking families in rural America felt disillusioned by the Washington elite and wanted a change. By voting en masse, and with a little help from the Electoral College, Trump swept to power. And his approval rating is staying steady at around 40%. Okay, it’s not great but it’s enough to launch a second presidential bid in 2020.

Although others see him as corrupt, his base believes he is delivering on his promises. That is something a business owner should keep in mind. They’ll be a lot of assurances from the top brass to maintain order and happiness. However, this won’t last long if you renege on the deal. The key is to focus on the most important details, things that make the workforce tick and try to deliver. The rest doesn’t matter as much. Delivering on the crucial factors adds to the perception that you’re doing an excellent job.


Budget Surplus

Almost every single country has debt, some smaller than others and some on the Great Depression scale of the 1930s. The human brain says this is a bad thing as being in the red is a vulnerable position. However, countries buck the trend by spending and borrowing in equal measure. Regardless of the situation, there will be a bank loan here and a borrow-from-a-friend there. True, there are risks involved in this strategy, yet it’s a plan every company should look at in more detail. For starters, a loan for your business is imperative because there are only so many costs to cut. After a while, reducing expenses becomes a hindrance that impacts performance and output. Businesses need cash flow regardless of their relative success. Owning assets isn’t going to do much when a large bill arrives at the door. Selling a valuable item is an option, but can you do it in time to save the business? 

Hello, (Spin) Doc

Alistair Campbell and Peter Mandelson are two famous examples of spin doctors. Under the Blair regime, they limited damaging information by releasing “counterintelligence.” In simple terms, they used marketing to affect the minds of the people. Whatever the latest trend in the industry, advertising is and will always be an integral part of success. Without the ability to reach the masses, there is no way to generate leads and boost profits. 

Excuses, Excuse, Excuses

Once upon a time, a prime minister or president could roll out a scroll of clichés to appease the masses. “We are working hard to rectify the mistakes of the previous government” was a favorite. Excuses are still necessary in some cases, but countries have to be willing to take responsibility. People are losing patience with the system and are rebelling as a result. Thanks to recent events, it’s a lot easier to admit fault and move on than to avoid a scandal, not naming names. This is a phenomenon in business that should be watched carefully. Workers are entitled and less likely to subject themselves to the will of management. Instead, they’ll fight back with demands and lawsuits if necessary. In short, cut the crap and be an adult. Everyone in the business will respect you for the honesty.

Do you think you have what it takes to run your company like a country?

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