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Say it! Own it!

Kristin Young

ELI-MP The Marriage Enthusiast


Tuesdays, 9-10 pm EST


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About Kristin

GREETINGS! I am Kristin the “Marriage Enthusiast”! I am married to James Young, the greatest husband who truly was created just for me! Through this dynamic marriage we have 5 gorgeous and brilliant children and 5 spectacular grandchildren. My mission is simply this, to restore the beauty, respect and value that marriage deserves by reaching 3 million married couples who are committed to “Living the Vows…and LOVING it!” Live purposefully and love intentionally! Kristin

Course Description:

Are you tired of repeating yourself over and over to your husband and feeling like you’re somehow STILL not heard?
Have you ever been frustrated with sharing your insights and requests to your husband only to be misunderstood or completely ignored?
How often do you think to yourself, MAN! I should have said….” Or “What I really meant to say was….” 2 hours AFTER the conversation ended?
Are you feeling undervalued or unappreciated because your husband rarely sees your point of view or understands your true feeling on an issue?
If you can identify with any or all of these situations, you are in the right place.
“Say it! Own it!” is a course designed for women like you who know what they mean and want to say, but somehow don’t get the results and desire to learn the most effective ways to communicate their desires. Learn how to speak to your mate and get the results you want A LOT sooner.  

Special Bonus:

Students receive a 45-minute one-on-one coaching session to help them communicate more freely and effectively.

By the end of this course, you will know how to:

  • Identify your “hot buttons” and learn how to cool them off,
  • Confidently clarify your needs and desires for your life and family,
  • Identify your roadblocks that keep you in the same communication cycle
  • Create a solid plan to turn your negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones
  • Feel confident in clearly sharing your thoughts and opinions

September 28, 2015
6 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not married?

This course can support you with how you talk to anyone whether it’s your children, co-workers or your husband.

What do I need for this course?

If you have an open mind and a desire for greater communication with your husband, you are ready for this course.

Why do I need this course?

 Many women feel they are in a place of talking but not being heard; and doing for others but not feeling valued. Others feel they will always get into arguments with their husbands when it comes to certain topics, so they avoid them. This course is for the woman who says, “I’m ready to be heard and understood…the first time.”

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