Start-Up Spaces: Making The Most Of Small Offices

Start-Up Spaces: Making The Most Of Small Offices



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We all have to start somewhere, and for most entrepreneurs it’s usually found in your garage, your shed, your kitchen table, or your bedroom… meaning, if you’re now in the position to be looking for, or settling into, a start-up space, no matter how small – things are looking up.

Unfortunately, we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate what we have, as we are too busy focusing on what we want to genuinely appreciate the blessings we have in front of us; we also have a tendency to associate small with “less”, and in business, the last thing you want is to come across as having “less” when you are just starting out.

The prospect of having clients turn up to a cramped and cluttered office is not desirable, and similarly, your team aren’t going to be particularly productive if they feel claustrophobic and like they are working on top of each.

There are, however, a number of hacks you can use to give the impression of a more affluent and productive environment even if it is on the small side – and remember, it’s not the size that counts it’s how you use it!  In terms of this, what you really need from an office space is simply the ability to focus, be productive, and as efficient as possible in terms of creating value to external stakeholders such as customers and getting things done.

This article looks at three ways you can aesthetically make the most of a small business space.

  1. LIGHT

The term “dark and dingy” is often used to describe small spaces, and in many ways, the darker a space is, the smaller and more claustrophobic it tends to feels for the people inside the space; whereas the more natural light that enters a space the more airy and spacious it feels for people.

Therefore the key to making the most of a small space is to get as much natural light into the property as possible, or failing that, if you are in a space without much natural light you could utilize mood lighting and even candles to create a warm ambience which is particularly pertinent if you’re wanting to create a creative environment.


The more cluttered an office feels the smaller the space feels.  The challenge when working in a small space is that it’s often easy for the space to feel cluttered even when it isn’t.  

For this reason, you might want to consider a minimalist approach in terms of decoration and furniture plus it can be a really good idea to look into Conex Boxes as a way to store your files, unwanted furniture, surplus products or anything else that takes up space and isn’t needed on a daily basis.

  1.  COOL

When a space starts to feel hot and stuffy people tend to get agitated, lose concentration, and start to feel tired.  Now, this is the last thing you want from your staff, so it’s important to ensure an adequate supply of fresh cool air in order to help people stay focused.


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