Startups That Give Back and Make A Difference

Startups That Give Back and Make A Difference

Are you looking to start a business that lines your pockets and does something positive for the planet? If so, take a few moments to consider the suggestions below and how they could work for you. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t select any of the concepts on this page unless you see value or have a passion to do the work. We hope that reading about these business niches will inspire you to create something meaningful and profitable.

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Launch an ethical cell phone company

Have you ever heard of a company called Q Link Wireless? According to reports like the one at, this firm hands out free cell phones to low-income families. They also get free internet usage, so the brand gives a lot back to the community. Firms like that still make a fantastic profit because they sell monthly call plans to their customers. They even increase the size of their market by handing out phones to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them. You could do something similar.



Start a homeless charity

There are thousands of homeless people in the US at the moment, so it’s possible that you could launch a charity according to articles like the one at While charities are non-profit organizations, they still have to pay their managers, CEOs, and board members a decent salary. You could improve your quality of life while doing the same thing for thousands of other vulnerable people in your community. You will usually rely on donations, so marketing is the most difficult challenge in front of you. This can be outsourced when you have enough cash to pay someone else to do it.




Provide cheap or free childcare to local parents

Many parents struggle to hold down full-time jobs because they have to take their children to school and pick them up at the end of the day. They also have to take their kids to medical appointments while running a household. It makes sense that you could earn a small fortune if you launch a venture that helps to provide free or low-cost child care to families in that position. That is a fantastic business idea for mothers. You will make a positive impact in your local community because they will gain the ability to go out and earn money.

Those business ideas would assist you in taking control of your life while helping the people around you who are most vulnerable. There are a million and one other concepts you could select if you take the time to research this idea. When all’s said and done, far too many business owners focus on their profits without any concern for their effect on society. That is something that needs to change in the future, so you could aim to become a pioneer. Whatever you decide to do, we wish you the best!



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